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Friday, January 22, 2010

Airline Tycoon Evolution

Airline Tycoon Evolution is a class management game. You get to know all about airlines and airport. You have to just schedule the flights properly and let your planes be get-set-go. So earn money from the orders and the passenger requirements must be more so as to earn a good profit. Easily get more planes form the money and if possible get a good staff because a good staff will surely make a good profit. See to it that all the bids made in manager`s office are won by you only. So that you can get all the branch offices. And do design the planes skillfully so that u can get a good amount of profit. This games is an advanced version of the Airline First class tycoon. So me having a pleasure to distribute this game among the readers. Enjoy the game.
Any queries and suggestions are most welcome in your comments. So make a good Airline company. All the best!!!!!!!

Download size: 58MB

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John said...

Awesome Business management game!! said...

Yes it is purely management game to attain surely a very huge profits. Airline bussines is not a cake of a walk have to think a lot while playing this game. But yes truly magical it is~~~~