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Monday, February 15, 2010

Mastermind Deluxe Edition

This is a complete strategy game . Welcome to the underworld of organized crime. This what is the main headline of the game. In this game you can hire gangsters do any kind of job. Kill your business rivals and you can also bribe the police. Isn’t it interesting?? The main issue is to be in the top of the world. Anybody has played Mafia Wars application game in facebook? Here it is a 3D game transformed from it! It is an awesome experience to play this kind of underworld strategy game!!
Any queries or sugggestions are most welcomed in comments. Enjoy the game!!

Download Size: 36MB


Anonymous said...

TY....luks interesting! said...

Welcome & Yes it is interesting. Do play it and share your experience my friends!!!!!!!
keep checking out ne games on every sundays and thursdays!!!!!