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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Miss Management

So are you ready to manage your office?? You have to think about the quality of work you co workers do. The stress level is also important as it exceeds then there is a danger of the person not working for the office that particular day! A person Denise is a first time office-time manager. You have to manage the flirts of your co workers and you have to lent them go to the water cooler for a chat. Ya friends office politics was never so hilarious as it is in this awesome strategy game!
Any queries or sugggestions are most welcomed in comments. Enjoy the game!!

Download Size: 25MB


Anonymous said...

Thanks buddy! said...

Most welcome. But do not forget to check out the site regularly for more new exciting games. Enjoy~

Stamps information said...

Official work done superbly.

i am improving my management skills from this games. It helps a lot thank you