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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Carnival Mania

Make the fallen amusement park to one of the best amusement parks. You have to restore all the basic things in this game. Similar to roller coaster tycoon but there are no roller coaster rides  Anyways the designing of this amusement park can be done by you with the help of best rides, food and beverages for maximum profit!

Download Size: 68MB


cl said...

I am not having any luck with these files, half the link here do not exist anymore and the others are .exe files which leave an illegal operation message when i run them. any helpful tips? said...

@cl: The link do exist i tried myself and the game downloads pretty well and also .exe file gets executed well. I am not sure or rather i don`t know what kinf of machine or computer u are using? Anyways In the extract do read the read me document. I do not host these games but know well how to provide the links so enjoy it!