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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

3 Cards to Fun Time

405 MB3 Cards to Fun Time [FINAL] 2 HOGs in 1

3 Cards to Midnight:
Jess Silloway has just woken up in a mysterious room and does not remember the last few weeks! A stranger tells her that something has caused her to block out the past and will help her remember. Use mystical tarot cards to transport Jess to her memories. Find clues in detailed Hidden Object scenes, and solve clever puzzles in 3 Cards to Midnight!

Game Features:
*Mysterious atmosphere
*Solve tricky puzzles
*Help Jess remember!
*Includes Strategy Guide/Walkthrough

3 Cards to Dead Time:
In late 1929, five people - including Jess Silloway's grandmother - mysteriously vanished and were never seen again. Now a ghostly figure has begun to haunt Jess's dreams. Use your powers of observation and deduction to unlock glimpses of events from the past, present and future, and then put the pieces together to discover what happened that fateful night eighty years ago, in 3 Cards to Dead Time! Experience this exciting Hidden Object game!

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