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Thursday, May 31, 2012


Marine and her friends have only six days left to find the four remaining warriors and make it to the showdown in Mystrock! With such tight schedules and dramatic events piling up, Marine's nerves really are pulled in every direction and exhaustion is just around the corner.
But Jeanne, the tiny fairy, is back! And this alone weights a lot in the balance.
*15+ character
*25+ secret rooms!
*25+ quests!
*20+ hours of gameplay!
*Battle superb monsters including 9 Animal Kings!
*Awesome production values
With more than 15 characters and epic places to visit, Millennium 4 is the most suspenseful, thrilling and emotional Millennium installment so far!
Download Size: 141 MB

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Crazy Chicken Tales

Join Moorhuhn and his friends on their greatest adventure yet in Crazy Chicken Tales! Search for the Forsaken Castle of Lore in Campaign mode and Racing mode. Face deadly traps and cunning fiends as you jump and run through colorful cartoon landscapes of mysterious forests, imposing mountain ranges, treacherous icy plains, and gloomy dungeons. Play as Moorhuhn or his friends in this hilarious action game for the whole family. Get armed to the beak in Crazy Chicken Tales!
Download Size: 253 MB

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hidden Expedition 5: The Uncharted Islands

After crash landing onto an extraordinary string of uncharted islands, you find yourself suddenly thrust into adventure! You’re soon on the hunt for a ruthless pirate holding the valuable and dangerous secrets of this long lost island chain. Use your Hidden Object skills to discover the buried mysteries that lead you deeper and deeper into the secrets of Hidden Expedition: The Uncharted Islands!
The Collector’s Edition includes:
*Bonus gameplay
*Integrated Strategy Guide
*Concept art Journal
*Wonderful Wallpapers
Download Size: 333 MB

Monday, May 28, 2012

Smiling Pasta

Daisy has just been appointed the new chef of Smiling Pasta! Everything was going swimmingly until Pastafast Chain shows up and decides to take over! Help her run the business and turn a tidy profit to keep the corporate goons from winning in this challenging Time Management game. Upgrade the restaurant and keep your clients content to save Smiling Pasta!
*Fun gameplay
*Exciting action
*Run Smiling Pasta!
Download Size: 55 MB

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Keepers of Dryandra

Help the magical caretakers of a peaceful tree tribe stop insect invaders in Keepers of Dryandra, a wonderful matching quest mixed with strategy elements.
The Kuawi are a peaceful folk living inside the tree of Dryandra. They are caretakers of the tree, so when it falls under the attack of a mysterious insect force, those able to wield magic are called upon to protect their home.
Guide your group of magical keepers in their quest to save their home and defeat the source of this unprovoked attack. Challenge the enemies in over 70 exciting levels of turn-based Match 3 contests through eight wonderful locations. Call on powerful magic skills, upgrade your keepers with special abilities, and turn away the invasion. With dozens of enemy types, challenging boss battles, and four additional keepers to unlock, this unique Match 3 experience is certain to please.
*Guide a group of magical keepers to protect their home in this fun Match 3 experience.
*Challenge enemies in exciting turn-based battles through 70 fantastic levels.
*Call on powerful magic skills and upgrade your keepers with special abilities.
*Enjoy battling dozens of enemy types and challenging bosses.
*Unlock four additional keepers with unique abilities.
Download Size: 84 MB

Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Life Story: Adventures

Set off on a whimsical adventure in search of your life’s true calling in My Life Story Adventures. Haunted by dreams that you are wasting your life, you finally decide to take action. It’s time to dump your dead-end job, find a mentor and start working toward the life path of your dreams. Along the way, you’ll encounter colorful characters with unique problems that only you can solve. Find your perfect job!
*Incredible gameplay
*Fantastic storyline
*Find your life’s true calling!
Download Size: 53 MB

Friday, May 25, 2012

Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings

Several months have gone by since Bella's happy and peaceful life has crumbled to dust. The police and FBI have looked everywhere for her son, but all their efforts were futile. Bella could never have imagined that the fateful package with no return address would have turned her whole life upside down.
The Collector’s Edition includes:
- Bonus Realm
- Wonderful wallpapers
- Concept art
- Stunning Screensaver
- Unique trophies
-No Serial needed just extract & Enjoy!
Download Size: 327 MB

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Spirit Soup: The Queensbury Curse

After your great uncle passes away, you move to Queensbury to help run the family business. Shorty after you arrive, however, you begin to have recurring nightmares and are afflicted by the curse of Queensbury! Lift the dangerous curse by following an ancient recipe and concocting a fresh batch of the cure in Spirit Soup: The Queensbury Curse, a hilarious Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!
*Hilarious storyline
*Fantastic gameplay
*Lift the Queensbury curse!
Download Size: 103 MB

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sonya Collector's Edition

Help Sonya save her sister from unknown villains! After Lily’s life force is stolen it’s up to Sonya to get it back in this fun Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game! Explore gorgeous locations and take on the mysterious villains. Piece together the clues and discover the truth before it’s too late. Can you reunite the two sisters and save the day? Find out in Sonya!
The Collector’s Edition includes:
*Bonus gameplay
*Wonderful wallpapers
*Integrated Strategy Guide
This new version of the game fixes the following issues:
- Coins mini-game breaking when backing out and re-entering
- Freeze when filling the Mug with water too many times
- Graphical issues after giving the Wolf the Meat
- All chezmo alurations are combined now
- Half black screen when navigating inappropriately
Download Size: 440 MB

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Roads of Rome 3

The Roman Empire prospers, everything is quiet and peaceful. Julia and Victorius are absolutely happy waiting for birth of a child, it seems that nothing threatens the glory of the great kingdom. But the bearer of bad news arrives, Barbarians are destroying Roman provinces. No one but Victorius and his army can resist the enemy, keep Rome against barbarians. There is nothing for it but fight the enemy and Victorius sets off. His mission is difficult and dangerous: the inhabitants need to be protected, the provinces and roads need to be restored. Be brave and the good luck won't leave you, clear up your way and build roads, help Romans to get their prosperity and peace back. With the help of Razzeus you will succeed for sure!
* 40 levels and 3 additional expert levels
* New gameplay
* 4 game modes
Download Size: 89 MB

Monday, May 21, 2012

Cats Inc

Help three cats get to their delicious sausages by solving different physics-based puzzles in Cats Inc! Each of the cats has their own unique abilities that will help you overcome different obstacles and solve the increasingly difficult puzzles. Take on Cats Inc and help these adorable felines fill their bellies!
• Unique gameplay
• Cute critters
• Help cats get their food!
Download Size: 20 MB

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Help a robot get home in this perplexing Puzzle game! Use your wits and logic to make it to lead the robot to the exit! Overcome obstacles and avoid the terrifying enemies to make it to the teleporter! Learn neat tricks to survive and dive into RoboRoll! Can you make it to the end and save your yellow robot friend?
• Tricky levels
• Challenging puzzles
• Help a robot get home!
Download Size: 40 MB

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands

Magic Farm 2 - is new adventures of Iris and Robin. You will have to take a lot of efforts to win the Magical Tournament. New and old friends, new improvements of the land, unique skills of Iris and Robin. Except growing and gathering flowers, you also must look for objects and fulfil unusual quests.
Download Size: 79 MB

Friday, May 18, 2012

Trade Mania

Purchase real estate in different cities, and make your company a fantastic success story in Trade Mania! Corner the real estate market as you master unique economic gameplay. Play through maps of actual megalopolises and feel like a real millionaire. Dominate the market and become a mogul in the world of Trade Mania!
*Unique gameplay
*Fantastic action
*Corner the Real Estate market!
Download Size: 107 MB

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Murder Mystery: Who Killed Linda Neuman?

At the luxurious Paradise Island Resort, the Grand Fashion Show is just about ready to get underway. However, things come to an abrupt halt when the show's top model, Linda, is found murdered in her room. The hotel manager is concerned with his hotel's reputation and calls on the help of Detective Clara. However, as Detective Clara gets deeper into her investigation of the mysterious death of the famous model, she uncovers clues that lead her into a chaotic whirlwind of secrets and affairs. Just when she thinks she has found the perpetrator, she learns something else that takes her back to the drawing board. The plot thickens with each clue she finds!
Download Size: 121 MB

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cory's Lunch Rush

Serve up some fast food fun in SC's Restaurant. Help take orders, gather food, and serve the customers in a fun, fast-paced environment. Play your way through two game modes, dozens of exciting levels and 15 unlockable achievements. Guide Cory as he builds his financial wealth and true independence in Cory's Lunch Rush.
Download Size: 39 MB

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Awakening 3: The Goblin Kingdom

After overcoming the Dreamless Castle and Moonfell Wood, you have come to the rugged, mountainous snow-peaked Goblin Kingdom. Princess Sophia, the only human seen in over a century in this part of the world, seeks answers from its wise King about the fate of the rest of her people. But dark portents await: things are not well in the Kingdom, and dark shadows lurk waiting to trap the unwitting Princess in Awakening: The Goblin Kingdom!
*Bonus gameplay
*Integrated Strategy Guide
*Wonderful Wallpapers
*Fixed Broken archive
*Extract & Play
*Fixed demo message
*Version 3.1 fixes a false positive detection that some AV software had issues with.
Download Size: 408 MB

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Secrets of Arcelia Island

Unravel The Secrets of Arcelia Island as you, your father, and a small crew set off on this dangerous expedition! After getting shipwrecked in a storm, you wake up to discover you're alone on an island inhabited by strange creatures and plagued by four deadly curses. Find your father, survive the curses, and stop the tyrannical witch that is responsible in this fantastic Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!
*Fantastic graphics
*Incredible gameplay
*Explore Arcelia Island!
Download Size: 486 MB

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Puzzle Agent 2

Agent Nelson Tethers just solved the biggest case of his career. So why isn't he satisfied? There’s still the case of a missing eraser factory foreman, a whispering madness is still creeping from mind to mind, and a troubling recurrence of... creatures... is lurking into the town.
The FBI's Department of Puzzle Research has marked the case closed -- are they sweeping it under the rug? Or worse, do they not even care? Worried that the case will languish forever unsolved, Tethers must go rogue and venture back to the eerie town of Scoggins, Minnesota to solve the mystery of "the Hidden People" once and for all.
Sequel to the award winning Puzzle Agent (PC Gamer’s Game of the Year, IGN’s Best of E3, etc)
Creepy puzzle adventure with mystery and dark humor
Wider variety of intuitive yet challenging puzzles
Download Size: 300 MB