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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Gangster and mafia grand Vegas city crime simulator [Android]

Gangster and mafia grand Vegas city crime simulator poster
Gangster and mafia grand Vegas city crime simulator screenshot 1
Gangster and mafia grand Vegas city crime simulator screenshot 2
Gangster and mafia grand Vegas city crime simulator screenshot 3
Gangster and mafia grand Vegas city crime simulator screenshot 4
Gangster and mafia grand Vegas city crime simulator screenshot 5

Take a gangster through different districts of the big criminal city. Take part in gun fights and earn money. The hero of this Android game wants to make a successful career in the criminal world. Many enemies and competitors try to prevent him from doing that. However you need to be careful and watchful to avoid traps and win a struggle against mafia clans, police and other enemies. Help the hero complete hard missions. Buy weapons and control various machinery, from a bike to a helicopter.

Game features:

  • Over 30 exciting missions
  • Various machinery
  • Big arsenal
  • Big city

Download Size: 88.8 MB

Monday, June 17, 2019

Big hole [Android]

Big hole poster
Big hole screenshot 1
Big hole screenshot 2
Big hole screenshot 3
Big hole screenshot 4
Big hole screenshot 5

Move a hole across the screen to catch various objects in it. Clear the way for a ball rolling forward. In this simple Android game you need to take a rolling ball through many interesting levels full of different obstacles. Just slide the screen to move the hole along the track before the ball. Hurry up and remove all objects the ball can crash at. Be attentive since the very first crash of the ball against an obstacles will cause the mission failure.

Game features:

  • Many exciting levels
  • One finger system of controls
  • Realistic physics
  • High quality graphics

Download Size: 49.9 MB

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Xob [Android]

Xob poster
Xob screenshot 1
Xob screenshot 2
Xob screenshot 3
Xob screenshot 4
Xob screenshot 5

Take a cube along the winding mazes. Turn the screen and control gravity to dodge various obstacles on the way to the finish. Train your creative thinking and logic abilities in this original Android game. Take the cube along the mazes appearing on the screen of the old TV set. Think over your actions and train to overcome obstacles as fast as possible, dodge traps, avoid dead ends and gather various bonuses. Set incredible records and unblock new levels.

Game features:

  • Original style of graphics
  • Realistic physics
  • Many winding levels
  • Simple system of controls

Download Size: 38.9 MB

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Star force: Patrol armada [Android]

Star force: Patrol armada poster
Star force: Patrol armada screenshot 1
Star force: Patrol armada screenshot 2
Star force: Patrol armada screenshot 3
Star force: Patrol armada screenshot 4
Star force: Patrol armada screenshot 5

Control a space battle ship and fight against aggressive aliens threatening our planet. Test your reflexes during tensed space battles in this Android game. Take your battle ship through space. Move the ship from one side to another by means of sliding the screen with your finger. Shoot non-stop in order not to miss a single enemy. Defeat giant space bosses and get rewards for completed missions. Buy and upgrade space ships.

Game features:

  • Many space ships
  • Fantastic boosters
  • Exciting missions
  • Huge bosses
  • Bright graphics

Download Size: 38.2 MB

Friday, June 14, 2019

Idle factory inc. [Android]

Idle factory inc. poster
Idle factory inc. screenshot 1
Idle factory inc. screenshot 2
Idle factory inc. screenshot 3

Run a unique industrial enterprise producing dozens of kinds of goods. Upgrade your plant and become a billionaire! Feel what it's like to be a successful businessman in this Android game. You have all chances to become incredibly rich since you run a fantastic factory. A unique conveyor can process raw material in no time and turn it into demanded goods. Tap the screen fast and control equipment. Unlock new lines of production in order to get extra profit.

Game features:

  • Over 40 different levels
  • Over 90 kinds of goods
  • Simple system of controls
  • Many unique upgrades

Download Size: 23.4 MB