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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Top detective: Criminal case puzzle games [Android]

Top detective: Criminal case puzzle games poster
Top detective: Criminal case puzzle games screenshot 1
Top detective: Criminal case puzzle games screenshot 2
Top detective: Criminal case puzzle games screenshot 3

Carry out an investigation of a murder. Examine scenes of crime, look for tracks of bloody evil-doers and clues. Become a detective in this Android game. Start an adventure as a new employee of a detective agency. Your task is to bring back former glory to the agency and remove a cloud from the reputation. For this you will carry out an investigation about mysterious murders. Visit different districts of a criminal city, question suspects and witnesses. Look for evidence at the scenes of crime.

Game features:

  • Exciting plot
  • Stylish graphics
  • Hidden object scenes
  • Interesting characters

Download Size: 88.4 MB

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Fishing tour: Hook the big fish! [Android]

Fishing tour: Hook the big fish! poster
Fishing tour: Hook the big fish! screenshot 1
Fishing tour: Hook the big fish! screenshot 2
Fishing tour: Hook the big fish! screenshot 3

Travel across picturesque locations in different corners of the planet and catch various fish. Become the world's best fisherman in this dynamic Android game. Fish in the Mediterranean sea, in the Indian ocean and in other locations. Throw tackles to the water, hook a fish, take or loose a fishing line with the help of a reel. Don't let the fish be off the hook and drag the catch out of water. Sell trophies, win comptitions and buy high quality tackles.

Game features:

  • Over 100 kinds of fish
  • Over 400 interesting tasks
  • 5 different seas
  • Excellent graphics and effects
  • Exciting gameplay

Download Size: 22 MB

Monday, March 18, 2019

Golf blitz [Android]

Golf blitz poster
Golf blitz screenshot 1
Golf blitz screenshot 2
Golf blitz screenshot 3
Golf blitz screenshot 4
Golf blitz screenshot 5

Play golf on unusual grounds. Control a golf player, calculate force of each ball hit, take the ball to holes and get prizes. Take part in golf competitons and defeat numerous opponents in this Android game. You will find many golf fields with various obstacles, traps and challenges waiting for you there. Touch the screen to decide force and trajectory of a hit. The ball will bounce walls and other objects. Make use of this feature to take the ball to the hole. Buy suits and hats for the character.

Game features:

  • Over 75 characters
  • Exciting levels
  • Unusual boosters
  • Play with friends
Download Size: 69.8 MB

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Crossout mobile [Android]

Crossout mobile poster
Crossout mobile screenshot 1
Crossout mobile screenshot 2
Crossout mobile screenshot 3

Collect combat machinery in your garage, drive across the post apocalypse locations, destroy enemy machinery and get prizes. Start war for limited resources and power on the deserted lands of this Android game. Become one of desperate raiders and prove your supremacy. Demonstrate your talent of an engineer, gather buggy, armored cars, pickups and other machinery from spare parts. Try machine guns, cannons and other types of weapons in the battles. Interact with members of your team to defeat players from all over the world.

Game features:

  • Excellent graphics and effects
  • Unique machinery
  • Fight against other players
  • Different fractions

Download Size: 536.4 MB

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Gems witch: Magical jewels [Android]

Gems witch: Magical jewels poster
Gems witch: Magical jewels screenshot 1
Gems witch: Magical jewels screenshot 2
Gems witch: Magical jewels screenshot 3

Help a young witch get into the magic academy. Match gems and make lines from three and more stones of the same kind. A young witch, whose name is Selina, the main heroine of this Android game, got an invitation from the magic academy. However sly Asio owl has stolen the letter. Now Selina starts a journey across the incredible land to bring back her invitation and master magic. Help Selina solve mysteries of magic, solve hard puzzles, match magic jewels, collect Taro cards, rescue rabbits and so on.

Game features:

  • Cute characters
  • Hundreds of interesting levels
  • Magic bonuses and boosters
  • Board of leaders

Download Size: 42.3 MB