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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Planet overlord [Android]

Planet overlord poster
Planet overlord screenshot 1
Planet overlord screenshot 2
Planet overlord screenshot 3

Travel across the galaxy and seize planets. Tap the screen to deliver all power of your weapons to another planet. Become a lord of the universe in this exciting Android game. Step on the planet orbit inhabited by aliens. Fire on the planet surface with rockets, laser rays and so on. Take a fleet consisting of giant starships and fast battle ships to the planet. Turn the planet into the burnt desert or crack it to parts. Discover new constellations and conquer each star system.

Game features:

  • Many different planets
  • Various weapons
  • One finger system of controls
  • Fantastic boosters
Download Size: 50 MB

Nevaeh 2: Era of darkness [Android]

Nevaeh 2: Era of darkness poster
Nevaeh 2: Era of darkness screenshot 1
Nevaeh 2: Era of darkness screenshot 2
Nevaeh 2: Era of darkness screenshot 3

Fight against demons and other dark creatures in the locations of the fantasy world. Defeat enemies and get rewards. Go to find adventures in this dynamic Android game. Go down the dungeons, climb mountain tops, attack castles and visit other places. At each step you will meet dragons, demons and other mosnters. Defeat enemies with the help of unique combat skills. Gain experience and magic artifacts needed to develop your character. Try yourself on the arena.

Game features:

  • Excellent graphics
  • Different classes of characters
  • Fight against other players
  • Wide range of items of outfit
Download Size: 777.6 MB

Friday, February 22, 2019

Build way [Android]

Build way poster
Build way screenshot 1
Build way screenshot 2
Build way screenshot 3

Roll a colored cube and take it along the intricate levels. Move blocks to build a way for your cube. Overcome hard levels of this Android game. Be attentive, look for keys and coins on the way, avoid bombs. Dodge traps, interact with different objects and make a safe way to the finish. Blast bombs with the help of a cube so as they don't destroy the character. Get rewards for completed levels and enlarge your collection with new cubes each having unique design.

Game features:

  • Bright neon graphics
  • Many exciting levels
  • Different cubes
  • Useful bonuses
  • Interesting gameplay
Download Size: 52.7 MB

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Hoppy land: Happy jump [Android]

Hoppy land: Happy jump poster
Hoppy land: Happy jump screenshot 1
Hoppy land: Happy jump screenshot 2
Hoppy land: Happy jump screenshot 3
Hoppy land: Happy jump screenshot 4
Hoppy land: Happy jump screenshot 5

Control jumps of a funny character and help him get as high as possible jumping on the platforms and dodging dangers. The idea of this Android game is to take the hero as high as possible. Move the hero from one side to another and tap the screen in the needed moment to make the character jump from one platform to another. Avoid crashes of the hero against monsters and dangerous objects. The character can defeat monsters by means of jumping on them. Gather coins and bonuses on the way to unblock new heroes.

Game features:

  • Many exciting levels
  • Over 20 funny characters
  • Simple system of controls
  • Bright graphics
Download Size: 42.4 MB

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Master of wills [Android]

Master of wills poster
Master of wills screenshot 1
Master of wills screenshot 2
Master of wills screenshot 3
Master of wills screenshot 4
Master of wills screenshot 5

Gather cards with characters having unique abilities. Fight for power over the futuristic world. This Android game will take you to a big city of future. Corporations, sects, rebells and other groupings struggle to seize control over limited resources. Join one of fractions, gather a deck of cards with powerful heroes and fight against numerous opponents in different districts of the city. Think over your moves and try to have neutral characters on your side.

Game features:

  • High quality graphics and effects
  • Several enemous fractions
  • Many unique cards
  • High score and achievements

Download Size: 212.2 MB