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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Unicycle giraffe [Android]

Unicycle giraffe poster
Unicycle giraffe screenshot 1
Unicycle giraffe screenshot 2
Unicycle giraffe screenshot 3
Unicycle giraffe screenshot 4
Unicycle giraffe screenshot 5

Help a giraffe or other character hold balance on a unicycle and get the deserved reward. The hero of this merry Android game wants to impress spectators with circus stunts on a unicycle. Help the hero hold balance as long as possible. Just tap the screen in the needed moment to correct unicycle and character's position. Gather bonuses and unlock new levels and new characters. Buy funny hats and suits which will make your character unique.

Game features:

  • Original graphics
  • Handy system of controls
  • Realistic physics
  • Many funny characters
  • Bonuses and records
Download Size: 61.8 MB

Monday, February 18, 2019

Relic chasers [Android]

Relic chasers poster
Relic chasers screenshot 1
Relic chasers screenshot 2
Relic chasers screenshot 3
Relic chasers screenshot 4
Relic chasers screenshot 5
Go to find ancient treasures. Combine gems, make groups of three and more identical jewels to complete tasks. Travel across the world together with July, an archaeologist student and the main hero of this Android game. Together with July you can visit abandoned maya temples, The Himalayas and other picturesque corners of the planet. According to the professor's task you must find the lost relics in order to add them to the historical museum collection. Demonstrate logic and smarts, solve puzzles with gems and gather relics.

Game features:

  • Many interesting levels
  • Ancient relics
  • Big museum
  • Incredible bonuses

Download Size: 96 MB

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Silo's airsoft royale [Android]

Silo's airsoft royale poster
Silo's airsoft royale screenshot 1
Silo's airsoft royale screenshot 2
Silo's airsoft royale screenshot 3

Move across various combat arenas. Find opponents, accurately shoot from strikeball weapons at them. Demonstrate your tactical skills and reflexes in this exciting Android game. Land a random point of the map and start your way to the aim. Aim carefully and shoot at opponents who got into the range of your weapons action. Make use of coverings. Gather medicine kits and other useful objects on the map. Buy new kinds of weapons, upgrade rapidity of fire and other characteristics of weapons.

Game features:

  • Many interesting levels
  • Wide range of weapons
  • Different upgrades
  • Boss battles
Download Size: 52.2 MB

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Angry Birds Rio [Android]

Angry Birds Rio poster
Angry Birds Rio screenshot 1
Angry Birds Rio screenshot 2
Angry Birds Rio screenshot 3
Angry Birds Rio screenshot 4
Angry Birds Rio screenshot 5

One more game about spiteful birdies. This time we will go to colorful Rio. You are waited for by two most beautiful episodes with fascinating 60 levels. For achievement of the planned purpose, you should collect bonuses, which are presented in this part like fruit. Unlike the previous part, you should battle for the first time to the real boss. Importunate monkeys will act as spiteful thieves of birds, and it becomes more and more difficult to struggle with them.

Download Size: 47.5 MB

Friday, February 15, 2019

Inferno: All nine circles [Android]

Inferno: All nine circles poster
Inferno: All nine circles screenshot 1
Inferno: All nine circles screenshot 2
Inferno: All nine circles screenshot 3
Inferno: All nine circles screenshot 4
Inferno: All nine circles screenshot 5

Take a soul ball through the nine circles of hell. Help the character avoid dangers and escape from this gloomy place and set free. The main hero of this Android game opened a mysterious book and after that his soul moved to hell. You must help the hero return to the normal world. The soul is represented by a ball and you can roll it to any side, make it jump and fly. Demonstrate your imagination and attentiveness, gather keys from the locked doors and don't let the hero face monsters and deadly traps.

Game features:

  • Stylish graphics
  • 9 intricate levels
  • Simple system of controls
  • Exciting gameplay
Download Size: 39.5 MB