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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Taxi club house [Android]

Taxi club house poster
Taxi club house screenshot 1
Taxi club house screenshot 2
Taxi club house screenshot 3

Run a big garage full of taxi cars. Send taxi cars to travel across the city, get profit and enlarge the collection of cars. Become the richest man in the world in this Android game. Merge identical cars to get cars of new models. Gather money for completed tasks and victories in races. Unlock new parkings and garages which will let you expand your car park and become a real car tycoon. Compete with other players from all over the world and get unique achievements.

Game features:

  • Many interetsing levels
  • Various cars
  • Simple system of controls
  • High score and achievements
Download Size: 38.4 MB

Monday, May 20, 2019

Nyan cat: Candy match [Android]

Nyan cat: Candy match poster
Nyan cat: Candy match screenshot 1
Nyan cat: Candy match screenshot 2
Nyan cat: Candy match screenshot 3
Nyan cat: Candy match screenshot 4
Nyan cat: Candy match screenshot 5

Swap sweet candies and make lines consisting of three and more same colored candies. Help the cat gather all candies! Start an exciting journey across the magic world of this Android game together with a funny flying cat who loves sweets. Match candies and cakes, make maximum long lines from identical candies, initiate chain reactions of tasty blasts. Unlock new cats and buy various suits and decorations for them. Set incredible records.

Game features:

  • Bright graphics
  • 100 exciting levels
  • Cute cats
  • Many boosters and upgrades

Download Size: 95.6 MB

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Color tower [Android]

Color tower poster
Color tower screenshot 1
Color tower screenshot 2
Color tower screenshot 3
Throw a ball into a high tower made from cans. Destroy blocks of a certain color to destroy the tower. Have fun in this Android game when destroying colorful towers. Just touch the screen of your device to turn the tower to the left or to the right. Try to hit tower blocks having the color of the ball. Such blocks will disappear as well as neighboring blocks of the same color. Choose the right target for each throw in order to destroy the whole tower at minimum hits.

Game features:

  • Bright and colorful graphics
  • Realistic physics
  • One finger system of controls
  • Records and achievements
Download Size: 28 MB

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Honor of thrones [Android]

Honor of thrones poster
Honor of thrones screenshot 1
Honor of thrones screenshot 2
Honor of thrones screenshot 3
Honor of thrones screenshot 4
Honor of thrones screenshot 5

Build a prosperous kingdom on the deserted lands. Gather a strong army which will help you defend from numerous enemies. Lead people, elves or evil spirits in this exciting Android game. Each race has its strong and weak sides, unique heroes, buildings and troops. Explore the world, seize territories, build fortresses, defense towers and constructions of different purpose. Hire powerful heroes who will take your army to the battle. Fight against players from all over the world, make alliances.

Game features:

  • 3 different races
  • Powerful heroes
  • Various constructions and troops
  • Fight against other players

Download Size: 149.9 MB

Friday, May 17, 2019

Heroes era: Magic storm [Android]

Heroes era: Magic storm poster
Heroes era: Magic storm screenshot 1
Heroes era: Magic storm screenshot 2
Heroes era: Magic storm screenshot 3
Heroes era: Magic storm screenshot 4
Heroes era: Magic storm screenshot 5

Explore vast locations of the fantasy world, fight against monsters in the dungeons and complete other tasks. Go to find adventures in this Android game. Apply magic and unique combat skills in the dynamic battles against various opponents. Team up with friends to defeat powerful bosses. Gather loots and upgrade items of outfit of your hero. Buy funny pets and useful objects. Challenge players from all over the world and win arena battles.

Game features:

  • Excellent graphics and effects
  • Different classes of characters
  • Fight against other players
  • Wide range of items of outfit

Download Size: 95.2 MB