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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Pig wing plus [Android]

Pig wing plus
Download Pig wing plus Android free game.
Get full version of Android apk app Pig wing plus for tablet and phone.
Screenshots of the Pig wing plus for Android tablet, phone.

Guide an amazing pig through levels of an ancient maze. Avoid deadly traps and collect treasures. In this game for Android you will explore ancient Egyptian pyramids with a brave pig. On your way you'll find evil guards and deadly traps. Normal pig couldn't overcome all the dangers but, fortunately, your pig has found magical bat wings in a pyramid. Tap the screen to direct the pig's flight. Fly over obstacles and traps. Find a way out.

Game features:

  • Pixel retro graphics
  • Over 30 stages
  • 2 different pigs
  • Simple controls

Download Size: 16.8 MB

Spirit of Revenge: Gem Fury Collector's Edition

Someone's out for revenge, and she'll stop at nothing to get it. Your sister needs your help finding her daughter Liza, who went away to summer camp and disappeared along with several other children. As a parapsychologist and member of the police team, you're accustomed to criminal acts of the ghostly variety, but are you ready for this spirit of revenge? All that glitters isn't gold in this abandoned mining town. Play both interactive and list HOPs and enjoy learning about Nickfield's past in the mini-games and super puzzles!

Download Size: 927 MB

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Captain cowboy [Android]

Captain cowboy
Download Captain cowboy Android free game.
Get full version of Android apk app Captain cowboy for tablet and phone.
Screenshots of the Captain cowboy for Android tablet, phone.

Guide the space adventurer through sophisticated mazes on distant planets. Find hidden treasure and overcome obstacles on the way. Travel through amazing worlds with a hero of this game for Android. Explore underwater caves, distant planets, huge space stations, and other locations. Guide the hero through intricate levels. Go around traps and run away from alien monsters. Attack enemy with waves of stones. Collect treasure and a variety of bonuses. Find a way out of each level.

Game features:

  • Pixel graphics
  • Many fun levels
  • Simple controls
  • Amazing treasure

Download Size: 39.2 MB

Laruaville 4

Help friendly ghosts celebrate Christmas! They don't know how to do it and have less than a month to get prepared! They need to find someone who will explain how to celebrate in this enchanting Match 3 game!

Download Size: 77 MB

Friday, January 29, 2016

Phil the pill [Android]

Phil the pill
Download Phil the pill Android free game.
Get full version of Android apk app Phil the pill for tablet and phone.

Help the brave wood louse fight the invasion of evil beetles. Guide the hero through levels full of danger and save the princess. Happy town of woodlice was attacked by evil bugs in this game for Android. Princess with magical powers was taken prisoner by the aggressors. Help the intrepid hero save the princess. The hero can roll up into a ball and roll forward. Guide the hero along a confusing maze. Destroy walls, hit enemies with fists or shoot them from different weapons. Use bombs and go around traps.

Game features:

  • Funny heroes
  • 96 amazing levels
  • Different bonuses and boosts
  • Good controls

Download Size: 81 MB

Eventide: Slavic Fable Collector's Edition

Your grandmother is caretaker for the beautiful Heritage Park, a magical place where mythical creatures live peacefully alongside humans. But when an evil force seeks to destroy them, she summons you to use your botanical skills to save an endangered plant that is their last hope for survival. That is, until the evil Boruta kidnaps your grandmother, threatening to use the park's ancient magic to conquer the world. Make friends with the creatures to rescue your grandmother and prevent Boruta's forces from causing worldwide calamity. Inspired by Slavic mythology, Eventide: Slavic Fable is a unique Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure that you don’t want to miss!

Download Size: 853 MB

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Ancestor [Android]

Download Ancestor Android free game.
Get full version of Android apk app Ancestor for tablet and phone.

Control a hero who's running along dangerous levels. Jump over obstacles and avoid traps. Destroy a variety of enemies on your way. Travel through the amazing worlds in this dynamic game for Android. Go forwards and use your logic to bypass various obstacles. Collect magical spheres and other bonuses that will improve your hero. Fight powerful bosses and defeat them to set new records. Levels of the game are generated randomly, so each new adventure is unique.

Game features:

  • 8 different locations
  • Many heroes
  • Leaderboards
  • 3 powerful bosses

Download Size: 59 MB

World's Greatest Temples Mahjong 2

Play 7 different types of mahjong and find out about greatest temples of the world. World’s Greatest Temples Mahjong 2 is a feast for the eyes as well as the mind. Play 7 different types of mahjong, from classic play to Great Wall, to Solitaire, Balance and more, and learn incredibly fascinating facts about some of the worlds greatest temples. Featuring stunning images and 4 difficulty settings, World’s Greatest Temples Mahjong 2 will challenge your mind as it soothes you with its relaxing soundtrack and beautiful images!

Download Size: 79 MB

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Baller legends: Basketball [Android]

Baller legends: Basketball
Download Baller legends: Basketball Android free game.
Get full version of Android apk app Baller legends: Basketball for tablet and phone.
Screenshots of the Baller legends: Basketball for Android tablet, phone.

Play basketball on streets and in huge arenas. Accurately score balls into a basket and earn points. Become a baseball star in this Android game. Create a unique hero choosing appearance and clothes. Take part in many competitions and trials. Carefully aim and try not to miss. Do difficult throws from different parts of the court, set new records and get rewards. Unlock new locations and buy new sport outfit.

Game features:

  • 2 game modes
  • Good controls
  • High scores
  • Great selection of equipment

Download Size: 21.8 MB APK

Download Size: 37 MB Game Cache

Christmas Mosaic Puzzle

Assemble 120 challenging mosaics, all with a winter holiday theme. Each level is more difficult than the last as you race against time. Or enable untimed mode for a more relaxing experience. Piece together unique mosaics made of various materials, including wood, stone, glass and precious stones. Holiday traditions, the beauty of nature, and tasty treats await you in this truly magical atmosphere. Get away from the hubbub of daily life with Christmas Mosaic Puzzle.

Download Size: 261 MB

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Heroic saga [Android]

Heroic saga
Download Heroic saga Android free game.
Get full version of Android apk app Heroic saga for tablet and phone.

Create your party of legendary heroes and mythical creatures. Use battle skills of your heroes and defeat strong bosses. Embark on an adventure in a fantasy world of this game for Android. Explore a variety of locations with horrible monsters. Defeat powerful bosses that guard great treasure. Enrich your small army with new heroes, each with unique abilities and weapons. Get experience for winning and develop your characters. Join a guild.

Game features:

  • Many different heroes
  • Interesting tasks
  • Character progression
  • Simple controls
  • Play with friends

The game requires an Internet connection
Download Size: 15.6 MB APK

Download Size: 50.3 MB Game Cache

Christmas Wonderland 6

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a new Christmas Wonderland! Christmas Wonderland 6 is crammed full of gorgeous Hidden Object scenes and superb mini-puzzles guaranteeing hours of fabulous fun for players of all ages!Find Presents and earn rewards and achievements as you play along. Go to Springfield's Amazing Fun Park. Win the helicopter ride of a lifetime. Go mall shopping, visit Mike and Emma's grandparents. Meet the elves and Rudolph at Santa's North Pole workshops, Find oodles of Christmas bonuses and gold reindeer, then fly with Santa on Christmas Eve! Christmas Wonderland 6 really is the best Christmas game yet, enjoy!

Download Size: 213 MB

Monday, January 25, 2016

Heroes of Might and Magic 3 [Android]

Heroes of Might and Magic 3
Download Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Android free game.
Get full version of Android apk app Heroes of Might and Magic 3 for tablet and phone.

Loved by all Hero of Might and Magic 3 now on your android - device. Build castles and enter bloody fights!

Download Size: 6.9 MB APK

Download Size: 336.8 MB Game Cache