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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron [RIP]

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron [RIP]
Size: 3.5 GB
Platform: PC
Genre: Action
Language: English
Publisher: Activision
Developer: High Moon Studios

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron transports you to the final days of the planet Cybertron where you will experience the darkest hours of the apocalyptic war between the AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS. Embark on an adrenaline-fueled journey through a wide range of missions and massive environments designed around each characters unique abilities. With the stakes higher than ever before, you play as a variety of Transformers characters, including Grimlock's nearly indestructible T-Rex form and the legendary Combaticons forming into the colossal Bruticus. Fight through both sides of the Transformers most epic
battles leading to their legendary exodus from their homeworld. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron allows you to go head-to-head as AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS with its multi-player online mode. Create your
own personalized character and weaponry with the most advanced and in-depth customization ever before seen in a Transformers video game.

Minimum System Requirements:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6 GHz or AMD Phenom X3 8750
RAM: 2 GB system RAM
VGA: GeForce 8800 GT series with 512 MB RAM or ATI Radeon HD 4850 with 512 MB RAM
DX: DirectX 9.0c or DirectX 10
OS: Windows® XP/Vista/7
HDD: 8.4 GB Free Space
1. unrar
2. run setup.bat
3. wait 30-40 minute
4. when complete all process so manualy close cmd window
5. open binaries folder and click on TFOC.exe
6. Enjoy!

Install latest DirectX click
Install Visual C++ click
PhysX drivers click
Download Size: 3.5 GB

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Halo 2 (Vista and 7)

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen [RIP]

Size: 2.7 GB
Platform: PC
Language: English
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

The defeat of the Covenant in the first Halo game was only a temporary victory, as the alien attackers have renewed their mission to wipe out all of humanity. Despite the human military force's and Master Chief's efforts, the Covenant have breeched the Earth's defenses and have left its inhabitants in a dismal situation. In the midst of desperation, players assume the role of Master Chief and lead the resistance against the Covenant to save the people of Earth from a gruesome demise.

Minimum System Requirements:

CPU: 2.0 gigahertz (GHz)
RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) or random access memory (RAM)
VGA: ATI X700 or Nvidia 6100 display adapter with 128 megabytes (MB) of RAM and the following features:
* Pixel shader: 2 or higher
* Vertex shader: 2 or higher
Windows Experience Index scores:
* Graphics score: 3 or higher
* Gaming graphic score: 3 or higher
OS: Windows Vista
HDD: 7 GB of available hard disk space. The dedicated server and the map editor require more hard disk space.
Sound: Sound card, speakers, or headset
ODD: DVD drive: 32x speed
You can get this game to work on XP so I didn't bother making a XP workaround.

1. You must first goto the OPEN ME FIRST! folder.
2. Goto the CR@CK folder.
3. Double click RUN THIS FIRST.reg  file
4. Goto C:\Windows and right click on the System32 folder and click Take Ownership.
5. Once that is done copy MF.dll and paste it in the System32 folder.  Overwrite the old one.
- If it tells you the file is open somewhere you will need to rename the ORIGINAL MF.dll to something random and move it to your desktop.  After doing so paste the cr@ck!
6. Install Game for Windows Live CLICK

Install Visual C++ CLICK
Install latest DirectX CLICK

How To Create a Offline GFWL Account:
Open the game and then click CREATE NEW PROFILE
enter your name and that's it! Enjoy playing the game
Download Size: 2.7 GB

Monday, July 29, 2013

Commandos Strike Force [RIP]

12107878.jpg (300×425)
Commandos Strike Force [RIP]

Size: 1.9 GB
Platform: PC
Language: English
Developer: Pyro Studios
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Genre: First-Person Shooter

In a new direction for the multi-million selling series, Commandos Strike Force takes you right into the heart of the action from a first person perspective. Take control of the three members of the 'Strike Force' unit, each with their own play style. Switch between the Green Beret, always at the heart of the action with his expertise in combat and the use of heavy weaponry, the Sniper with his nerves of steel and expert marksmanship, and the Spy, stealthily striking at the heart of the enemy. However, it is up to you how you execute plans of attack by combining the Commandos' unique skills.

86298361.jpg (550×413)

11433606.jpg (550×413)

Minimum System Requirements:

CPU: 1.8 GHz Pentium 4 or Athlon XP
RAM: 512 MB
VGA: 100% DirectX 9.0c -compatible 64 Mb 3D Accelerated Card (GeForce 4Ti / Radeon 9 series)
DX: DirectX 9.0c
OS: Windows 2000/XP
HDD: 3.89 GB
Sound: Microsoft Windows 2000/XP compatible sound card (100% DirectX 9.0c -compatible)
1. unrar
2. Double-Click 'setup.reg' in game folder
3. Start with CommXPC.exe
4. Play

Install latest DirectX click
Install Visual C++ click
Download Size: 1.9 GB

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Between The Worlds III: The Heart Of The World

Between The Worlds III: The Heart Of The World | 187 MB

A world of magic and machines faces impending doom. The central machine, the heart of the world, accidentally stops. The central machine generated magical powers allowing the magical world to thrive. To escape an inevitable death without the magical powers, the inhabitants of the world hid in a safe haven where time does not exist. Gather the magical powers and find the rods of the four elements to fix the central machine and save the inhabitants of the magical world! 

Magical atmosphere
Astounding graphics
Find hidden objects & use them in your quest!

56243948.jpg (450×338)

Download Size: 187 MB

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dark Canvas: A Brush With Death Collector's Edition

62443277.jpg (450×338)
Dark Canvas: A Brush With Death Collector's Edition | 393 MB

Uncover the mystery behind an artist’s deadly talent in Dark Canvas: A Brush With Death! Your daughter, Angie, was traveling through Europe when she vanished without a trace. Her last letter urged you to come to a remote island town in Italy, where she had stumbled upon a dark secret. When you arrive, you learn that there has been a series of tragic deaths in town, accompanied by sightings of a legendary spirit called the Silhouette. With no way of knowing who would be next, citizens turned to Virgil, a local artist who could famously predict the future through his paintings. Now you must seek out Virgil and his mysterious paintings before you and your daughter become the next victims of his deadly predictions!

The Collector’s Edition includes: 
A bonus story
Gorgeous art and screensavers
Downloadable music tracks
Integrated Strategy Guide

14669831.jpg (450×338)

Download Size: 393 MB

Friday, July 26, 2013

New Yankee In King Arthur's Court 2

92832044.jpg (500×375)
New Yankee In King Arthur's Court 2 | 69 MB

Return to the days of magic, maidens, goblins and gold to help an unwitting knight and his feisty wife find the Fountain of Living Water! You'll need to cross rugged terrain, battle undead skeletons and overcome huge obstacles to make it, but with the knight's fair lady cracking wise every step of the way, you'll barely notice the other hardships... 

To complete 40 levels of finely tuned time management action, you'll need to carefully balance your resources as you harvest food, mine gold, repair bridges, build buildings and ward off witches. The missions in New Yankee 2 also feature all-new challenges such as sneaking past roving guards and avoiding gun fire as your workers complete the tasks you give them. Only those players who figure out the quickest way through each level will win the gold! Are you ready to prove yourself? Then play this side-splitting epic today!

52502701.jpg (500×375)

Download Size: 69 MB

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Last Dawn: Tales Of Arthfael

56862531.jpg (500×375)
The Last Dawn: Tales Of Arthfael | 245 MB

Embark on a legendary quest to save the Batavian Islands. The evil Drustans have kidnapped Princess Ephila. Her King has called forth all heroes to save the princess and recapture their stolen treasure. You'll play the role of Arthfael as you travel through 7 levels, 9 mini-games and beautiful 3D animations. Can you save the day? Play The Last Dawn: Tales of Arthfael today!

74342809.jpg (500×375)

Download Size: 245 MB

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Death Pages: Ghost Library Collector's Edition

18336551.jpg (500×282)
Death Pages: Ghost Library Collector's Edition

You come to the city library to investigate the case of three teenagers gone missing. It turns out that the former owner of the library, the Alchemist, kidnapped the souls of three readers and planted them in the book “Romeo and Juliet”. They are to live the lives of the main heroes but you can stop the tragic ending! Wander the gloomy halls of the library, travel to the medieval streets of Verona, discover the Alchemist's insidious plan and save the children! 

The Collector’s Edition includes:
Chance to wander Shakespearean Verona
Engaging storyline
Amazing art
Bonus materials

Download Size: 758 MB

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Les Misérables: Cosette's Fate

Les Misérables: Cosette's Fate | 411 MB

Help a young girl escape poverty in Les Misérables - Cosette's Fate, a remarkable tale based on the literary work of art.

Montfermeil, France, 1826. Fantine lives in poverty and is doing whatever she can just to get by. Forced to look for work in the city, she leaves her little girl Cosette at the Thénardiers' boarding house. Unfortunately, unknown to Fantine, the Thénardiers are dishonest innkeepers - constantly exploiting and abusing the young Cosette. Will you help this little girl escape her life of servitude?

Step into the young Cosette's shoes and join her in making a better life for herself in this video game adaptation of Victor Hugo's brilliant work. Use your wits to escape from the clutches of the spiteful innkeepers as you search for important objects and solve challenging puzzles. Meet many of the famous characters including Jean Valjean and see many of the majestic locations. With an incredible atmosphere, detailed interactive environments, and an unforgettable story, you'll rediscover one of the greatest novels in the history of literature in a whole new way.

# Experience the literary tale as never before in this magnificent Hidden Object game.
# Step into Cosette's shoes and help her find a better life.
# Search for important objects and solve challenging puzzles.
# Seek the great zeekmatoon in this mythical tale
# Meet many of the famous characters including Jean Valjean.
# Includes the Strategy Guide
Download Size: 411 MB

Monday, July 22, 2013

Mahjongg: Legends Of The Tiles

26270272.jpg (450×338)
Mahjongg: Legends Of The Tiles | 77 MB

Ten new ways to play this classic tile game in Mahjongg: Legends of the Tiles! New and innovative game modes blend traditional tile matching with the latest game styles such as Solitaire, Concentration, Tetris, Memory, Match 3 and more! Play a quick, relaxing game of Mahjongg or settle into an extended adventure that can unlock secret levels. Travel to exotic locations and collect rewards to reveal more exciting challenges. 

Relaxing or fast paced play
Detailed backgrounds and elaborate layouts
Import your own photos to customize

93051161.jpg (500×375)

Download Size: 77 MB

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Surface 3: The Soaring City Collector's Edition

10171747.jpg (500×281)
Surface 3: The Soaring City Collector's Edition | 956 MB

Search for your brother, Jeremy, in a beautiful world where the sky is as wide as your imagination in the Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game, Surface: The Soaring City! Jeremy was a great inventor who discovered a magnificent land soaring in the sky. He created wings for the people, making them free. The new citizens were happy...until one day Jeremy was kidnapped and blamed for conducting inhumane experiments. It's up to you to save your brother from imprisonment and redeem his good name.

The Collector’s Edition includes: 
A whole new adventure in the bonus chapter
Integrated Strategy Guide
Stunning wallpapers and screensavers
Fascinating Concept art

59756956.jpg (500×280) 

Download Size: 956 MB

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Motor Town: Soul Of The Machine

27450839.jpg (450×338)
Motor Town: Soul Of The Machine | 211 MB

Explore the eerie depths of Motor Town in search of an inventor who plans to create cars with souls! With the fate of many souls and the life of the inventor on the line, you must not delay!

A young journalist, desperate for a big story, accepts an intriguing assignment: Hunt down an eccentric inventor who hasn't spoken to anyone in years and interview him about his latest gadget. The writer gets more than she bargained for when she arrives at her destination and finds the living have abandoned the town and left the spirits of the dead to roam its streets. As she begins her investigation, she learns of the inventor's plans to create cars with souls, and of the rich entrepreneur who funded his research but might have had secretly evil motives.

With a shadowy figure that looks like black smoke leading her on, the journalist explores the eerie depths of Motor Town in search of the full story. As her guide, you'll search vintage cars and rundown factories for clues, perform tasks for ghosts, and solve an array of ingenious puzzles. With the fate of many souls and the life of the inventor on the line, you must not delay!

33051076.jpg (450×338)

Download Size: 211 MB

Friday, July 19, 2013

Royal Defense

Royal Defense | 74 MB

The castle needs a hero – hordes of trolls are surrounding it! Build towers, save money, learn spells, and keep the enemy away! Follow the exciting story of the dwarven kingdom's eternal struggle against the troll hordes, who want only to crush the dwarves and claim their territory. To defeat these monstrous hordes, you must construct defensive towers and units and learn to wield powerful spells. Tap anywhere you like for a handy pop-up menu listing all the units and structures that can be built in each location. Tap existing structures to see how you can upgrade your forces with powerful improvements! All your towers and units have specific stats: Damage, Fire rate, Damage radius, Damage type, as well as various other features, such as Enemy Slowdown and Damage Over Time. Each level also brings new units and structures to help you fight the troll menace. You’ll never be lacking for new and exciting ways of decimating those nasty trolls!

40 Levels
12 Tower & Structure Types
Extensive Magic System

Download Size: 74 MB

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Nightmare Adventures 2: The Turning Thorn With Guide

87060375.jpg (500×363)
Nightmare Adventures 2: The Turning Thorn With Guide | 398 MB

Two weeks after the events of Nightmare Adventures: The Witch's Prison, Kiera Vale finds herself drawn back into a web of occult sciences, mysterious dark entities, and government secrets -- woven by the agency known as A.R.C.A.N.E.. Kiera is happy to receive the call, but soon after her arrival finds that things are not at all how she remembers them to be. What are these agents hiding, and why didn't they tell her the whole story? What is the true nature of the Blackwater "Witch"? Why is Dr. Thorn's young daughter locked up in a containment cell? From the top secret labs in the depths of A.R.C.A.N.E.'s headquarters to the distant spires of alien worlds, Ms. Vale will seek answers, solve cryptic puzzles, banish evil otherdimensional creatures, and perhaps even make a new friend over a game of Piggy Princess along the way, in Nightmare Adventures: The Turning Thorn.

The Exciting Sequel!
Includes the Strategy Guide!
Download Size: 398 MB

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Gardens Inc.-From Rakes To Riches

96295661.jpg (500×374)
Gardens Inc.-From Rakes To Riches

Save your grandparents from a nasty real estate tycoon in Gardens Inc. - From Rakes to Riches, a wonderful gardening adventure.

Jill was so looking forward to visiting her grandparents but when she arrives at their home, she finds them close to tears. They are about to lose the house to a greedy real estate tycoon. If Jill doesn't act soon, the bulldozers will move in on their garden paradise. Determined to help her grandparents, she sets off on an entrepreneurial endeavor that will soon turn their life around.

Join Jill in her new company Gardens Inc. and save not just her grandparents, but the entire city from the greedy developer. Play 50 outstanding levels as you clear, plant, and raise beautiful gardens. Travel from the suburbs to the swamplands, deep into the forests and up into the mountains while collecting resources and trophies for a job well done. Use power-ups, upgrade systems, and purchase new items. It's an amazing bounty of fun and adventure.

*Plant and raise beautiful gardens in this colorful Time Management challenge.
*Play 50 bountiful levels from the suburbs to the swamplands.
*Clear paths, collect resources, and build new gardens.
*Use power-ups as you race to win trophies.

41134644.jpg (500×376)

Download Size: 273 MB

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Amaranthine Voyage: The Tree Of Life Collector's Edition

12400168.jpg (500×375)
Amaranthine Voyage: The Tree Of Life Collector's Edition | 1.06 GB

During your career as an archaeologist, you firmly believed that the Tree of Life was simply a myth. However, once you uncover a magical artifact, you open brand new worlds of possibility. You're whisked away to a lush world that is slowly being poisoned by a mysterious dark force. Your artifact is the key to restoring this beautiful world, but dark forces stand in your way. Protect the artifact and save this dying world in Amaranthine Voyage: The Tree of Life, a thrilling Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure game. 

Bonus gameplay
Integrated Strategy Guide
Downloadable soundtrack and art
Exclusive behind the scenes video
Re-playable mini-games and hidden-object scenes

95505337.jpg (500×375)

Download Size: 1.06 MB