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Have a blog? Use the best way to earn money!
Hello friends, if u have blog(blogspot) or a website? If yes then use Adbrite
to earn money.
To monetize your blog my first preference will be Adbrite!
If you just started with the blog, at the start less visitors will be coming! But Adbrite still supports u! For publishers Adbrite gives min payout of $5 which is easily achievable for a new blogger!
In other adsense programs the min payout is more eg. Adsense needs $100 min payout!
Adbrite is most reliable service as it really pays by check!
In USA it pays early too!
Adbrite is Alternative program to Google Adsense.
With Adbrite You can Buy or Sell Ads.
Text or Banner Ads can Be placed in your Website, For Promoting Ads Adbrite is Paying Money To its Ads Publishers
Adbrite Can help you monetize your site, Its Base Advertisers Are Top Brands.
Adbrite Is Very Useful For Business  to target Its Customers.
Advertise on your Blog/Site and Earn Money.
It Is Easy To Earn In Adbrite When Compared To Google Adsense.
Just Fill The Simple Form And Become a Publisher Of Ads.
Your Account Will Be Activated In 3- 4 Hrs.
But in Google Adsense it will get Month to Activate.
So if you have a blog do monetize with Adbrite!
Click here to signup on Adbrite! Its 100% Free, no charges for Publishers!

Make easy money with Twitter using Sponsored Tweets

How long do you think it’ll take you to earn your first dollar blogging? Ask bloggers who’ve actually earned an income and almost all of them will tell you that you won’t see a cent for the first few weeks. Your first dollar? HA! You’ll have to outlast the 80% of bloggers who never made a single dollar — ever!
How long do you think it’ll take you to earn your first dollar with Twitter? You can earn your first dollar in less than a day!
Here’s how Sponsored Tweets work. An advertiser sees your profile and offers to pay you to make a tweet. You accept the offer, click a Tweet button, and the money goes into your account.
tweeter signup 125 3 Make easy money with Twitter using Sponsored TweetsIt’s easy as:
  1. Clicking on my Sponsored Tweet referral link.
  2. Signing up as a Tweeter.
  3. Setting your price.
  4. Waiting for offers.
That’s pretty much it. You can always tweak your info and settings to get the right advertisers. And if the advertiser isn’t aligned with what you want to tweet, simple decline the offer.
You will get the opportunity to set your own price but Sponsored Tweets will give you a suggested price based on your Twitter stats. One important stat is the number of followers you have so get that number up (watch your following/follower ratio though). Look for my article on how to increase your Twitter followers soon.
I’m going to offer you a parting tip. The quickest way to get your first tweets going is to price your tweets at 25% of the Sponsored Tweets suggested price. So if Sponsored Tweets recommend a $2.00 price per tweet, set your price at $0.50. It’s better to experiment with pricing while earning something in the process. If you start high and slowly work your way down, you won’t make anything for a while.
Advertisers: see my Sponsored Tweets profile here.

This topic might seem a bit awkward, since its the big bloggers that are successful in making money from their blogs. Many people have been asking me recently about alternative to AdSense. So, I thought that maybe I should share a few interesting and working money making techniques. In fact these help me a lot to earn and guess what, they are easier than you can imagine. And you might be even surprised to know that thousands of people are earning quite a lot this way.

To start with I am going to tell you about advertising company which is really making a change in the Lives of advertisers and the people receiving them.

Rupeemail logo2

So, here it goes…Who Needs AdSense? ;-)

RUPEEMAIL: This is a really nice one. This company is paying you for receiving Join Rupeemail advertisements based upon your personal preferences. They give upto Rs. 2 for every ads you get. Just think How much you can earn by receiving 100 ads in a month. They are also paying you Rs. 2 for each friend you refer. This is where I actually make all the money. The payment is sent through checks.


* You will also get Rs. 2 for each friend you refer
* You get special discount coupons
on various items in e-mails
* You will get Rs. 2 for each e-mail you read from rupeemail (I like this a lot )
* Max 100 e-mails per month or as per ur prority

My Earnings - Rs 207 approx Weekly.
Payment Proof My First Cheque of Rupeemail
Rupeemail cheque

Link : Click to Sign Up with Rupeemail

How to join Rupeemail?
Its very easy . Click here then Click on Sign up in the website to make an account.
Fill up the form. It is FREE to join.
They just ask Preferences and ur e-mail id that it.
After filling the form correctly they send u a verification e-mail in your given e-mail id.
Just check your indbox of your e-mail id. Open the mail and click on the verification link to verify.
They would just ask the login e-mail id and the password which you set in the registration form. thats it.
Your rupeemail account will be active and u will receive e-mail ads in ur e-mail box and fetch you earn money for each of it.

See My first cheque from Rupeemail below:
Rupeemail cheque

Join Rupeemail and enjoy your living! That too free to join!