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Friday, May 31, 2019

Tank battleground: Battle royale [Android]

Tank battleground: Battle royale poster
Tank battleground: Battle royale screenshot 1
Tank battleground: Battle royale screenshot 2
Tank battleground: Battle royale screenshot 3
Tank battleground: Battle royale screenshot 4
Tank battleground: Battle royale screenshot 5

Take a modern tank across the battle field. Shoot from the cannon at enemy tanks. Try to survive. Get ready for exciting tank battles on the maps of this Android game. Land a random point of the location. Watch the situation on the battle field carefully in order to shoot first at enemy tanks. The last survived player will be a winner of the game. You will get rewards and boxes with trophies for victories. Unblock new tanks and upgrade them.

Game features:

  • Many different tanks
  • Fight against other players
  • High quality graphics and effects
  • Many upgrades and prizes

Download Size: 190.6 MB

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Fire panda [Android]

Fire panda poster
Fire panda screenshot 1
Fire panda screenshot 2
Fire panda screenshot 3
Fire panda screenshot 4
Fire panda screenshot 5

Take a funny and brave hero along the Great Wall. Help the character jump over obstacles, pick up bonuses and complete tasks. Hong, the main hero of this Android game, defends the kingdom. Barbarians attacked the Great Wall during the celebration of the Dragon fest. Hong fetches a burning torch and runs along the wall. The hero must lit signal lights with the help of a torch, shoot from cannons and do all possible to reflect the attack. Help Hong overcome many obstacles. Buy funny suits and other useful objects for the hero.

Game features:

  • Nice graphics and sound
  • Many exciting levels
  • Simple system of controls
  • Various upgrades
Download Size: 101.1 MB

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Smite blitz [Android]

Smite blitz poster
Smite blitz screenshot 1
Smite blitz screenshot 2
Smite blitz screenshot 3

Gather a team of powerful gods, fight against various enemies and defend the kingdom of gods from destruction. Get ready for exciting battles in the fantasy locations of this interesting Android game. Gather gods from the mythology of different nations of the world, such as Athena, Zeus, Loki and others. Take a squad of gods through the challenges and battles. Make use of unique abilities of different gods during the battle. Gather a well-balanced team of heroes of different classes who will support each other in the battle.

Game features:

  • Over 60 different gods
  • High quality graphics and sound
  • Many unique upgrades
  • Fight against other players

Download Size: 649.3 MB

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Powerboat race 3D [Android]

Powerboat race 3D poster
Powerboat race 3D screenshot 1
Powerboat race 3D screenshot 2
Powerboat race 3D screenshot 3
Powerboat race 3D screenshot 4
Powerboat race 3D screenshot 5

Control a racing motor boat and take part in dynamic races along the winding water tracks. Outrun rivals and win. Become a professional racer in this Android game. Demonstrate everything a powerful engine of your motor boat can do. Maneuver among the motor boats of your rivals, outrun them and avoid fatal crashes. Overcome sharp turns and don't crash at the bank. Demonstrate the best time of track covering and take the deserved reward. Buy motor boats of different models and try them.

Game features:

  • 15 unique motor boats
  • 30 exciting levels
  • High quality graphics and sound
  • Handy system of controls

Download Size: 56.3 MB

Monday, May 27, 2019

Cross the words [Android]

Cross the words poster
Cross the words screenshot 1
Cross the words screenshot 2
Cross the words screenshot 3
Cross the words screenshot 4
Cross the words screenshot 5

Join letters scattered across the screen in the right order. Get hidden words and unlock new tasks. Demonstrate your observations skills, erudition and vocabulary in this interesting Android game. On each of the levels you will need to make words belonging to certain categories such as animals, countries, vegetables and so on. Just find a word in the chaotic mass of letters, swipe the screen connecting letters in the right order. Make use of clues in case you come to a dead end.

Game features:

  • Many exciting levels
  • Various themes
  • Simple system of controls
  • Useful clues
  • Records and achievements
Download Size: 24.3 MB

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Harbor master [Android]

Harbor master poster
Harbor master screenshot 1
Harbor master screenshot 2
Harbor master screenshot 3
Harbor master screenshot 4
Harbor master screenshot 5

Control a busy sea port. Direct merchant ships to the berths of your port so as they are handled. Enjoy sounds of the sea and unique atmosphere of the port in this Android game. Just carefully watch the situation in the water area in order not to miss coming of bulk carriers, container carriers and other ships of commercial fleet. Swipe the screen to draw a course for each ship. Help all ships moor successfully without crashes and other emergency situations.

Game features:

  • High quality graphics and sound
  • Simple system of controls
  • Big commercial port
  • Exciting gameplay

Download Size: 25.8 MB

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Dice of legends [Android]

Dice of legends poster
Dice of legends screenshot 1
Dice of legends screenshot 2
Dice of legends screenshot 3

Throw dice and move the hero across the playing field on the ground of the dice throw. Win card battles. To get victory in this exciting Android game you will need skills of a strategist and a bit of luck. Movement of your hero will be determined by a dice throw. You can apply magic cards and unique abilities of the chracter in the battle against opponents you meet on the way. Enlarge the collection of heroes and cards to make original combinations and develop an efficient strategy of battles.

Game features:

  • High quality graphics and effects
  • Unique cards
  • Many characters
  • Turn-based battles against other players
Download Size: 85.2 MB

Friday, May 24, 2019

Chimeras: New rebellion. Collector's edition [Android]

Chimeras: New rebellion. Collector's edition poster
Chimeras: New rebellion. Collector's edition screenshot 1
Chimeras: New rebellion. Collector's edition screenshot 2
Chimeras: New rebellion. Collector's edition screenshot 3
Carry out an investigation, decode the prophecy, find out the reason of weird events happening in a small town. This interesting Android game will take you to the fantasy city the citizens of which disappear in a mysterious way. Citizens blame weird creatures in attacks. However, you came to a conclusion that these creatures are not guilty. That's why you are going to plunge into the investigation and find tracks of real villains. Rescue innocent creatures, solve gloomy mysteries and communicate with local citizens.

Game features:

  • Exciting plot
  • Unusual characters
  • Hard puzzles
  • Hidden object scenes
Download Size: 613.2 MB