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Friday, April 30, 2010

Escape from Lost Island

Hi presenting you an adventurous and a hidden object game. Wonder if you go on a ship to an island and u are left in the island while your ship goes away. Is it possible? Yes it is possible to play a role like that in this game. I like to adventure a lot while making money. And I also think that you might also do this adventure. Make right decisions at right time to get all the necessary objects for your safety to survive on the Island. Make sure you collect all the objescts so that you can again go to your home. Happy Adventure!

Download Size: 53Mb

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fiona Finch and the Finest Flowers

Fiona a girl who is trying to make her best in gardening. She wants to win the finest flowers competiotion and she desparately needs your help! Travel to this beautiful town of Fiona and make her win the finest flower competition. This is game can be played on fast mode plus it is a time management game mode. So you have to take decisions pretty quick. All the best to win the grand prize in Fionna`s town for Finest Flowers!!

Download Size: 114Mb

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Royal Envoy Collector`s Edition

You have a challenge to save the wonderful lands from the forces of nature. Construct the upgrade homes and buildings for the island citizens and you have a chance to become the city partner planner of Islandshire. Make your own way to the challenging and mesmerizing game of the Pirates. Learn how the characters are created and get involved with them. Enjoy the game!!

Download Size: 158 Mb

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Zoo Tycoon 2

Zoo tycoon 2 is a real venture of the best hands produced by one of the best company. The real fact to play in this game is the love towards animals and the affection given to animals is the most touching part of the hand. The most exciting thing in this game is that you can make virtual amount of money from pearle to see there loving animals. I duly present the most played and ranked top for a long time in all types hand of the year. Zoo is a place for all people to visit. But the fact is that the nurturing of there animals. Setting up the terrain and the food given to them from time to time is important. The hand has a very good 3d graphics to look around the complete zoo. You have to set the height of the cages. Special types of acids are required for animals like tigers. Pandas is a real great affection for most of the players. Because the pandas are a very much loving specious in this world. The also good fact is that you can make families of any particular animal by adjusting the make and female animals in a single cage so that they can make their family happily. There are many levels and different types of sanctuaries.

Total Download Size: 378MB

Note that you have to download all the parts so as to extract and play the game~
Also read the Read Me file after extracting which will guide on to the setup process.
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Part 1 (172 MB)
Part 2 (172 MB)
Part 3 (88 MB)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Grand Theft Auto 2 (GTA 2)

So are you ready to roll on the streets for great action! Everyone's favorite carjacking simulation is back to remind you why you should lock your doors in traffic. Grand Theft Auto 2 delivers in all the same areas as its predecessors, while fixing a couple of the annoying little problems and adding a touch of depth in the process. But Grand Theft Auto 2 is largely the same as the original top-down driving action game and its mission pack, London 1969. So while all the fun of going on a crime spree is intact, so are most of the previous games' flaws. Make it best to live the best one of it own kinds!!

Download Size: 20MB

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Plant Tycoon

Plant Tycoon is a fantastic game to nurture and show your love towards the plants. This is the most searched for tycoon games in google search. But in the tycoon games category this game now also rocks on the top position for getting the most effective love on plants. I tell all my viewers to play this game for the sound nurturing of the seeds to an amazing plants is just great. In the green side you can soil the pots. Them water them. Seed them. Them see how your plant grows in the levels of 4 speed functions. I suggest to keep it on the east mode so that you do not waste the time whole day to see the plant growing. The best aspect in this game is that you can sell these plants at a price which you decide. The awful part is that you can catch bugs around and play for a while in the game as it earns some amount of money. The aspiring and wonderful are the upgrades provided in the game so that you can make most of the upgrades. Enjoy this venture a lot so that the best of the line of plants you sow just peep in to the real world. I know that there games do not have good speech facilities but the music in the game is charming and most adorable.

Download size 32MB

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Max Payne 2

Anything for detective Mr.Max Payne."Short but sweet" is a good way to describe 2001's Max Payne, as well as its newly released sequel. Actually, the main difference between Max Payne 2 and its predecessor involves more of the circumstances under which the games arrived than anything existing in the games themselves. The original was victim to multiple development delays and spent years in the making, but, despite being a relatively brief experience, it was a thrilling, stylish, violent action game that was ultimately worth the wait. The sequel, on the other hand, was announced just months ago and hit store shelves on exactly the day it was supposed to be a great game than the previous!

Download Size: 1.3GB

Friday, April 23, 2010

Street Fighter 3

Really getting into a change for a fight. Not so long ago, the thought of a nearly perfect version of Street Fighter Alpha 3 for a portable gaming system was unthinkable. We've always wanted portable fighting games, but for the most part, we've never really expected them to stack up to their full-blown counterparts. Yet the Game Boy Advance has seen the release of several surprisingly uncompromisable fighting games, and the new Street Fighter Alpha 3 is probably the best of them. So take the thrills to keep up the heat!

Download Size: 116MB (Total)
Part 1 58 MB
PArt 2 58MB

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Artist Colony

Artist Colony- It is a complete blast while playing this enormous & artistic game. I duely present you the most encouranging and most lovable game for tycoon players. I suggest you to download this game straight away without any hesitation. The most aspiring thought of this game is the beautiful colony and the artistic characters used in the game. The restoration of the town is just enchanting. I have played this game with a keen interest that too not in the profession of artists. But for the artists a very best of kind of hand which they need or they are aspiring for years. Best game for artists is presenting only on the most free full version games site that is The idea in making this game is just phenomenal. I have very few words to express rest of it you have to enjoy lie game! The hand comprises of the most of the different artists like the painters, sculptors, musical, dancers these are not few there is more to come. The training level of there artists are up to a max 10 levels. The most interesting part of the game is to handle the artists. Their interest level and energy levels have to be managed from time to time. This is not over my friends this training is of spect use to out class the talent. For example a painter of level 4 can draw a painting of level 4 and that painting goes to the gallery for the rich visitors to buy. The most inspirational part of this hand is the amount of money which we get from there paintings is unexpectable. Finally this money can be used to buy the restores of the colony which was devastated earlier. It the the job of you now to restore tip loving and beautiful colony. Enjoy!

Download Size: 91MB

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lax Venture - A Crossword Caper

In this game the Bullies have stolen and hidden parts of Eugene's amazing Letter Machine -- right before the science fair! Can you connect enough words to build a path and collect the missing parts in time? With dozens of colorful levels to explore and obstacles to avoid. Do the best combinations to beat the crossword.

Download Size: 35MB

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dream Day Wedding: Married in Manhattan

Are you ready to fall in love all over again as a new chapter opens for two New York brides in Dream Day Wedding: Married in Manhattan.
From Uptown traditional to Greenwich Village cool, choose which New York wedding you'd like to turn into a bride’s dream come true. Enjoy gorgeous backgrounds as you explore each bride's Manhattan apartment, solve fun puzzles and try to avoid a wedding crisis! Exciting brand new couples, minigames, wedding crisis levels and much more to the entertainment!

Download Size: 81MB