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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Neon hook [Android]

Neon hook poster
Neon hook screenshot 1
Neon hook screenshot 2
Neon hook screenshot 3

Neon Hook is an exciting, beautiful and atmospheric adventure arcade where you need to escape from the black hole. For this you will have to go up to the sky all the time. Play as a girl named Ricka in this Android game. The black hole will slowly but gradually capture the city. You need to make every effort to get to the sky. Otherwise, you just can't escape from the omnivorous darkness. In the course of the game you will collect particles of substance that will unlock new characters for you. But there are still some kind of grips, ropes and bonuses.

Game features:
  • Endless level
  • Various characters
  • Bonus levels
  • Records
  • Pixel graphics
Download Size: 48.8 MB

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