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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Farm Mania

Most of the facebook users must have played the Farmville game. So why are you waiting guys and gals to play a same game like it and also offline. It is just like that you are a farmer. Who says farmers cannot be rich? This game really proves it that to make yourself a farmer and manage the farm. Farmers are not workers more they are self employed and do their business well so depicted in this game. Get a land, sow seeds, fertilize it, after gron harvest it and sell in the market and just earn money. With this virtual money you can buy the upgrades available an earn countless money just as in real life. My appeal for all the farm ville players to play this game once to make a farmer life in offline mode too. The Farm mania takes it all this games allows you prominently make your farm as good as possible as you have to help out a girl names Anna and her grandfather. This is a real time management game! You have to cope up with the time to complete the tasks within time is the real key to get in good touch in this business. Build your farm with exciting upgrades and play it in Arcade mode to get an exciting touch while playing this simulation game. Enjoy Farm Mania.
Enjoy the game. Hope after downloading your precious comments regarding the game and any queries are most welcomed.

Download Size: 26MB

1 comment:

Marc Smith said...

Enjoyed the farming.

Same like Farmville the best liked application on facebook!