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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Accelertion of Suguri

Stand by . . . ignition! The “little war” continues at a breakneck pace in “Acceleration of SUGURI,” the eagerly awaited follow-up to the smash hit “SUGURI.” The frenetic, rapid-fire combat action that fans have come to love in the first game is all here, as well as more characters, new special attacks, new powers and new levels! Whether you choose to play as Suguri, Hime, Nanako or any of the other multiple fighters, you’re dealing with weapons of massive destruction! Score big damage points through Max Attacks and lowering your enemy’s armor gauge level, but keep in mind that your enemy is trying to do the same to you!
Acceleration of Suguri X Edition :
In the aftermath of numerous wars waged repeatedly over time, the tattered earth was quickly dying. These devastating wars had not only decimated the population, but had basicly depleted the earth of its natural, precious resources. Some of the survivors saw no hope of salvation and decided to leave the earth. They flew into the skies to face an uncertain future elsewhere.

Determined to heal the planet, the remaining survivors stayed behind in an
attempt to repair and revive the ravaged earth. But was it too late?
Nothing that the humans attempted had successfully worked. Humanity soon
realized that it was practically impossible for them to bring the earth
back to life on their own.

Download Size: 81MB

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