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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Daycare Nightmare 2: Mini-Monsters

Monsters love their babies, too! That's why they need a first-rate daycare center in Monster Town. Help Molly tend to cooing ghost babies who scare their friends when they get mad (stock up on diapers!), adorable little witches who play foul tricks on their playmates when they don't get their way (hide and seek, anyone?), plus sweet mini-mummies, burly baby kongs, ferociously cute werewolves and cuddly blobs. Happy monsters mean bigger tips, sad monsters mean mayhem!

Download Size: 17MB


ေန႕အိပ္မက္ said...

it keeps on showing that some files can't be written, reboot ur system & install again. i tried it several times but it didn't work. how should i do (i'm running it on win7)

thx in advance, i'm dying to get this game.

ေန႕အိပ္မက္ said...

sorry, got it. change the permission to admin. thx a lot! :D