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Monday, October 11, 2010

The Waitress

Welcome to your new job. You are new and easy to fire, so listen carefully. You are a waitress and you serve clients. Do it in 3 steps: take the order, bring the order, clean the table. You can take the order when the client is ready. He will give you a sign by rasing his hand. If the table he sits at is dirty he will not order until you clean it. As you take the order, write it down ( you will see it on your screen as a note at the panel area), and then prepare it. Tell the cook which meal you want him to make. Then take a cold drink from the fridge or a coffee from the coffee machine. Don't forget to clean the table for the next client. Dirty tables drive people crazy. To get rid of the dirty plates, put them in the plates box. Used cans and cups go to the garbage can. You can call for the worker if you are outta drinks or coffee cups, garbage can or plates box if full. If the client is dissapointed he leaves and you lose a life. The clients become more patient after you take their orders. If there are 2 people at the same table they both leave if one of them decides so.
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