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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Vegas Make it Big

Vegas: Make it Big is the latest title from acclaimed game developers (Empire Interactive) who brought us Monopoly Tycoon and Risk II. This time there taking gamers to the land of Las Vegas so that players can create their own casino resort and make it big in the world of gambling! Players that love sim and tycoon games will thoroughly enjoy this title because they can create their own Sin City in the colourful world of Las Vegas.
When you first starting playing this title, you start with a blank Las Vegas Strip that you must develop into a multi-million dollar casino resort. Each person that visits Las Vegas must have their pleasures catered for and this is where your tycoon powers come into play. By building the right resort with the correct services and amusements, you will attract customers that help increase your bank balance that allows you create more and more impressive looking casinos.
By monitoring different visitors that come into your Casino, you can help cater for the plethora of visitors that your establishment receives and by keeping them happy and interested, they will spend more and more money in your resort. Whether it's the nuclear family that comes to visit your resort or the high spender that may wish to gamble their millions away at the your casino, Vegas: Make it Big is all about money.
Although this may sound like an extremely difficult job, the developers have assisted the gamer by making thought bubbles appear above the heads of your patrons that tell you what they are currently thinking about your casino resort. Everything from food, toilets, entertainment and gambling must be catered for if you wish to make profit and increase the reputation of your establishment.
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