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Friday, December 30, 2011

So Transport Tycoon Deluxe made me crazy & writing a Review

 What can I say folks, this game is so addictive that I had to write about it. You must had played the famous tycoon games. But never miss this one. Its the Transport Tycoon - Deluxe version. The Deluxe version was an advanced version of the Transport Tycoon and famously known as TT. This game is very old but still including me many people have interests to play it. Approximately this game was released in 1995, yes I may be right for sure. One of the great tycoon games of earlier millenium. Of course who can forget the Monopoly Tycoon. This one is a little special. Its a complete transport business which you have to handle.As a tycoon gamer and enthusiast any one will surely enjoy this game. Hats off to the developers who made this game in DOS in earlier stages of Windows. Do`nt worry there are patches which help this game run in your new windows systems.
         After praising this game a lot let me discuss important features of this cool game. Do`nt under estimate this game as it was in DOS. It has many of the features which you need to build your Transport empire. I played this game for 16 hours for several days on holidays. Mind me my mom shouted me so much but still was addicted to it. There is a Tutorial which can help you to understand the game. Many people leave the tycoon games uninterested because they see the things complicated. What I say is "If they teach us how to play the game they why not learn playing the game using inbuilt Tutorials!"
        In the tutorial a scenario is taken by AI(Artificial Intelligence) so called computer. It starts playing and you get to know how to play the game. The game`s task is easy. You have to establish your transport empire within a stipulated amount of time earning stipulated amount of revenue. Fair challenge enough for all the entrepreneurs and B-school students and game freaks like me. The currency is in pounds. In the default scenarios you are in loan of  300,000 pounds(virtual currency) and then you got to recover from it doing good business from a very less revenue in hand. In the screenshot of the game I had started was of a scenario where I had started from 100,000 pounds and started to play. You can click on the above image to make it large and see the game looks so interesting. Its somewhat similar to Truck Tycoon. But in this game you have to build roads, rails for the convenience of the vehicles and the terrain of the cities. Buy trucks and send goods from one city to another & make profit. You can also send oil, passengers, goods & fish too! This game gets more and more interesting when you have many trucks and make good revenue and again purchase vehicles. Do`nt worry you can save your game too if you got some important work to do. I played this game in my leisure time and hope that your tycoon skills also get improved.
           The base stations for vehicles can be constructed. Airlines can also then be purchased when you get decent amount of revenue. The game gets more interesting as you play as I already said.I would like to know your experience about this game too. Write in comments below. Happy gaming!

Download Size: 11 MB

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