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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nancy Drew 1: Secrets Can Kill

Detective story star Nancy Drew's first adventure game is set in the region of her Aunt Eloise's castle in Florida.
Nancy stumbles upon a murder mystery and feels determined to solve it.

The game is a first-person point & click adventure using mouse control.
Many objects can be zoomed in on to examine clues.
Over 75 cryptic puzzles must be solved before the killer can be unmasked.
The puzzles are very well designed.
A junior mode featuring less of the difficult puzzles is provided.
The graphics are great and allow for 360 degree panning and the music and voice acting are also very good.
This game is great for kids and adults alike, it is a lot of fun.

Total Size: 675MB
Part 1
Download Size: 175MB

Part 2
Download Size: 175MB

Part 3
Download Size: 175MB

Part 4
Download Size: 150MB

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