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Friday, March 2, 2012

Farm (1)

Farm (1) [FINAL]|40 MB

Join the cheerful farm and befriend with a myriad of friendly animals! Take appropriate care of your creatures and crops. Do business in a nearby town, thus paving your way to becoming a millionaire! Develop your farm by adding new and expanding old buildings.

You can purchase specialized equipment to help you with the efficiency of your business, as well as with watering the crops or feeding the animals. Do all that, so that the merchandise you offer would always satisfy your customers' needs and demand.

However, be wary of the wild boar. It can easily destroy your crops and scare the animals. Capture it as soon as you'll have a chance, and the forest ranger will definitely reward your endeavor.

*Dynamic gameplay
*8 vibrant buildings
*Advanced 3D graphics
*non violent content
*Funny cut scenes
Download Size: 39MB

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