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Friday, June 29, 2012

Kane's Plight


 Help the villagers in your kingdom!
In Kane’s Plight you are Solaris Kane, and your “main quest” if you must have one, is simply to explore. There are a total of 4 towns and many quests in each. Nearly all quests can be completed in a good or evil way, and certain special quests will continue later depending on your previous actions. Since there are no battles whatsoever in this game, it’s all about the dialog, text, and crazy (but logical for the most part) quest scenarios.

There are a total of 4 skills in the game, as well as your good and evil stats.

-Survivability: Determines how you fare in dangerous situations.
-Mechanics: Lets you manipulate mechanical things.
-Beast Language: Lets you talk to animals!
-Climbing: Still not sure what this does... Oh yea, that’s right! It lets you climb!

Using these 4 skills you will be able to complete quests, complete them in different ways, and access new areas.
Download Size: 36 MB

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