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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Non-Fellows:Episode 1-Desolate City

ANGELA: A little blonde angel, who will be sweet and smiling until you accidentally spoil her hairdo – or stain her new blouse at the cost of a new car.
RITA: She loves her old Harley Davidson and… and, well, nothing except that. She can solve most of her problems on her own and hates asking anyone for help. She also hates the ones who cause those problems.
BEAST: Calm to phlegmatism, he is difficult to surprise or upset. He treats girls with a slight allowance, but as a true gentleman he is always eager to help them. This feature, however, often collides with his laziness.
VADIM: He is always good-looking and good-mannered. Being everybody’s favourite, he uses this circumstance shamelessly. Not everyone is sure if he can feel shame at all, though. On the other hand, he’s got money and insolence 
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