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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Academagia: The Making of Mages.RIP-Unleashed

Academagia: The Making of Mages is a whimsical fantasy life simulation and role-playing game set at the renowned Academy of Magic in the rich and dangerous city of Mineta. As a newly arrived teenager in a strange, vast school, you'll embark on adventures great and small, train your familiar, make friends (and enemies!), and master the shining arts and subtle laws of spell-casting.
Day by day, you'll attend classes, build skills, compete for the glory of your College, and explore the history and powers of an ancient world of flying islands and fallen empires. What you choose to do - whether it be to create a new magical item, to butter up your instructors, or to duel with your bitterest rivals - will ultimately determine how your character evolves throughout the school year. With many secret skills to uncover and hundreds of unique actions to learn and bonuses to collect, character specialization is unprecedented in its breadth. You can explore the campus, research in the many libraries, help your friends, visit exotic merchants or cast powerful spells: the choice is yours!
But beware! There are more dangers than just detention, and frightening secrets wait in the long forgotten sections of the University...
* Interact with over 80 Students
* Maneuver through more than 800 possible Random Events
* Set out upon any of over 100 Adventures
* Explore hundreds of Skills
* Cast Spells from the five Pillars of Magic, or learn the Forbidden Arts
* Add new effects to existing Spells as you master the vocabulary of Magic
* Discover and visit mysterious castles, ruins, shops and secret hide-outs
* Teach, train and adventure with a Familiar from one of dozens of species
* Enjoy nearly endless replayability and scope
Download Size: 162 MB

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