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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Girl with a Heart of

  - 139 MB

Beneath the planet's surface, you have to cast aside your assumptions. Darkness is not your enemy, but Light's army is about to reduce your town to ash. In this 2D adventure game, take the role of Raven, an eleven year old girl, who learns that she is the key piece in stopping the inevitable destruction of her town. Now, she has to understand the unfolding events, struggle to solve the challenges facing her, and define herself through difficult choices that will have far-reaching consequences. As Raven, you will interact with multiple interesting characters, explore a beautiful fantasy world, make lasting decisions, learn Dark magic, and, if you are clever enough, gain infinite power.

Key features:
Lots and lots of captivating dialog.
Fascinating new fantasy world.
Beautiful and unique art style.
Multiple complex characters with dynamic personalities that respond to your choices.
Interesting and challenging discussion topics.
Multiple endings based on your decisions.
Download Size: 139 MB

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