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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Public Enemies:Bonnie & Clyde Extended Edition

Janette Jones Parker is a writer that has taken a room in the Red Crown Tavern in Platte City, Missouri, to write her next novel. She discovers it is where Bonnie & Clyde used to hide, and there she finds a notebook, which is Bonnie’s log. Help Janette decipher a strange message left by Bonnie and Clyde in this fascinating Hidden Object game! Follow the infamous duo on their crime spree across America!

→ Magnificent scenes
→ Based on a true story
→ Follow Bonnie & Clyde!
→ Multi-language support!
UPDATE! New PC version available for Public Enemies: Bonnie and Clyde! February 21, 2012

We have a new PC version of Public Enemies: Bonnie and Clyde up and ready for you now. This update:

• Adds more screens and more objects to find!
• There is a a revised storyline with new mini-games!
• New characters between the scenes!
• New game plays (search in the dark, search from the silhouette)!


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