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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hollywood Tycoon

Hollywood Tycoon game infoYour Uncle Irving Has Died And Left You His Movie Studio! The Catch? It's Failing Terribly. You'll Need To Use All Of Your Tycoon Business Skills To Bring Tinsel Town Studio Back To Its Former Glory, Or Else Its Bankruptcy For Old Uncle Irving's Legacy. As The New Head Of The Studio In This Tycoon-Style Game, You'll Be In Charge Of Everything From Scripts To Sets. You'll Start Off Building Cheap, Poor Buildings Full Of Shoddy Workers And Then Build Expansions To Improve Their Quality As The Game Goes On. The Object Of The Game Is To Make Films By Matching Actors To Scripts And Rolling Tape In The Hopes Of Striking Box Office Gold. You'll Earn More Money By Matching The Right Kinds Of Actors To The Right Kinds Of Scripts, Which Is Where The Bulk Of The Game Play In Hollywood Tycoon Truly Lies. Every Script And Actor Has A Score In Each Of Four Categories; Drama, Romance, Comedy And Action. If You’re Script Has 4 Stars In Comedy And Romance, But Only One In Action And Two In Drama, You'll Want To Find An Actor With Strong Comedy And Romance Scores. Stick The Right Types Of Actors In The Right Types Of Films (I.E. Match Categories) And Increase The Overall Quality Of The Film, Raising Profits. There's Also A Gambling Element To Hollywood Tycoon That Will Help Keep You On Your Toes Once You Get Used To The Busy Business Of Film Production. Each Completed Film Will Provide You With The Opportunity To Check The Reviews It's Received. If You Choose To Do This You'll Activate A Slot Machine Mini-Game That Gives Thumbs Up And Thumbs Down. Earn More Thumbs Up Than Down And You’ll Get A Bonus. Get More Down Than Up And You'll Lose Money. It's Risky, But The Right Click Can Turn A Financially Terrible Production Into A Veritable Gold Mine Should Lady Luck Smile On You.


Create your own AVASTAR
Build and manage your own studio lot
Oversee the production of Blockbuster Films
Collect Awards and Achievements

Hollywood Tycoon game letter of uncle Irving goldfish

Hollywood Tycoon game studio buildings

Hollywood Tycoon game movie making

Hollywood Tycoon game movie

Hollywood Tycoon game sets creating

Hollywood Tycoon game collecting money

System Requirements:

Pentium III 1000 MHz
1 Gig RAM
100MB free hard drive space
Windows XP/Vista
Download Size: 100 MB

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