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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fix-It-Up Eighties Meet Kate's Parents

This economic game will absorb you completely! Fix-it-up 80's: Meet Kate's Parents is continuation of successful series of Fix-it-up games. This economic game shows a story of Frank and Mary - parents of the main character of previous games. However the most important theme is exposed in settings of popular 1980's. There's a stylized music, fashion, including hairdos, outfits and toys scattered in the background of various scenes. There also appear humorous special quests derived from the pop-culture of that era.
The plot itself is centered on happy couple of Frank and Mary who want to gain independence from their bitter boss. In the course of the game they decide to make their own business. On their way of seeking fortune they meet friendly people and visit interesting places. Story is told in cut scenes, briefings and ingame dialogues. Gameplay centers on buying, upgrading and selling cars. Fast pace and great diversity of different actions will never make player bored. It also allows player to develop his own strategy. He must keep an eye on money, spare parts reserve, proper amount of workers or experts and size of an income. During the level new goals may arrive, special orders may be placed and new possibilities may be unlocked. One can expand his workshop by building new buildings (like paint shop or tuning shop), upgrading them or preparing new parking or car selling fields. All cars have different appearance and characteristics, making them more profitable to use in some ways than others. Clients also have their own preferences, and sometimes are in need of specific car. All in all rules of the Fix-it-up are easy to learn and understand but hard to master. Wining a level should not be difficult at all, but doing it in gold or silver time is a challenge. Outside main course of the game player can use earned coins to buy new unique upgrades for his dinner. There is also a system of trophies for certain achievements. Download economic game totally for free!


2 game modes
45 levels
7 unique locations
14 trophies
6 upgradable buildings
6 special buildings
15 cars
5 special movies cars
Economic game - Absolutely FREE

System Requirements:

Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor 1 Ghz or better
512 Mb RAM
DirectX 9.0

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