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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Green City

Green City Free PC Game Screenshot
Ever thought about the appearance of some town you saw from a bird’s eye? Would you design and build it the same way? Do you think the life in this town is perfect? If you had a chance, would you try to change it or build a new one from scratch? Create an image of a dream part of the world, where you can enjoy all conveniences of city life and nice neighborhood to always have a good company near. Bring out an engineer and an architect in yourself and start your own little, quite town, growing into an eco-friendly, rationally functioning and thriving big city.

Green city is a time manager game for serious enthusiastic creative city builders. Start building your city, broaden its dwelling space, develop industry, hire more and more builders, buy new building materials, have energy consumption and ecological state of your city under control. Rise your population by building more and bigger residential buildings, starting from small detached cottages to different high-rises. Find different ways to improve ecological situation, trying to spend less money and materials. Find out what’s smarter - to pay less for a small regular upgrade on some construction that you already have or once to spend a lot on a big profitable project, but to chock up large piece of your finite useful land. You don’t need to pay more if you learn how not to. What is better a forest reserve or a chemical plant? A multistory residential building or an office building? Well, find out in which situation one of those is. And don’t forget – the clock is ticking, the quicker you think, the more you earn, the wiser you spend, the happier your city life is!

Free Game features:

- 48 smartly designed and balanced levels;

- Various districts to create a magnificent city of your dream;

- 4 types of buildings: residential, commercial, ecologic, energy-providing;

- 25 different buildings;

- Ecological and Energy-Efficient Upgrades.

Download Size: 250 MB

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