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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Tiny dino world [Android]

Tiny dino world
Download Tiny dino world Android free game.
Get full version of Android apk app Tiny dino world for tablet and phone.

control a tribe of cave people and create your village. Tame different dinos who will help your villagers. Get ready for an incredible adventures in the prehistoric world of this game for Android, where humans and dinosaurs live side by side. Build huts, towers, and other buildings in your village. Use different dinosaurs to collect resources and other purposes. Defend your village from the evil predatory dinosaurs and other enemies. Improve and strengthen your village. Do tasks and listen to the advice of a wise shaman.

Game features:

  • Pixel graphics
  • Absorbing story
  • Many heroes and dinos
  • Play with friends

The game requires an Internet connection
Download Size: 79.5 MB

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