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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Domino run 2 [Android]

Domino run 2
Download Domino run 2 Android free game.
Get full version of Android apk app Domino run 2 for tablet and phone.
Screenshots of the Domino run 2 for Android tablet, phone.

Place domino bones on the floating platforms. Touch the last bone to star a chain reaction. Make all the bones fall. Enjoy watching the bones fall in this game for Android. Use your imagination and observation. Move bones on platforms, and try to to tasks as fast as possible using as little moves as possible. Each new level is harder than the previous one. Practice and set records. You can create your own levels using a simple editor.

Game features:

  • 5 unique worlds
  • 150 interesting levels
  • Useful hints
  • High scores
  • Level editor
Download Size: 50.9 MB

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