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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Goat simulator v1.2.4 [Android]

Goat simulator v1.2.4
Download Goat simulator v1.2.4 Android free game.
Get full version of Android apk app Goat simulator v1.2.4 for tablet and phone.
Screenshots of the Goat simulator v1.2.4 for Android tablet, phone.

A mad goat runs around the city crushing everything on its path. Help the horned hero dame as much things as it can. Demolish lampposts, break fences, knock down people, ram cars, and much more. Complete various objectives. Try to destroy as many things as you can to get more points. In this Android game the goat will show all its strength. Use your horns to send things flying and break barriers on your way. The goat broke loose, and there's nothing that could stop it!

Game features:

  • Awesome graphics
  • Different objectives
  • Many destructible objects
  • Mad goat
  • Great controls

Download Size: 27.2 MB [APK]
Download Size: 119.4 MB [Game Cache]

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