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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Insomnia 2 [Android]

Insomnia 2
Download Insomnia 2 Android free game.
Get full version of Android apk app Insomnia 2 for tablet and phone.
Screenshots of the Insomnia 2 for Android tablet, phone.

Try to survive in post apocalypse surroundings and not to lose your mind because of insomnia. Look for the medicines and other useful objects. Get through the ruins of cities destroyed during the World War II in this Android game. Try to cope with nightmares and insomnia. Explore dungeons and almost ruined buildings looking for useful objects which will help you avoid death. Mix ingredients you find to get medicines to cope with a stress. Use a gas mask and other inventory.

Game features:

  • Exciting plot
  • Gloomy locations
  • Hidden objects scenes
  • Logic tasks
  • Atmosphere of fear

Download Size: 22.5 MB (APK)

Download Size: 313.8 MB (Game Cache)

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