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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Oneshot: Sniper assassin game [Android]

Oneshot: Sniper assassin game
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Screenshots of the Oneshot: Sniper assassin game for Android tablet, phone.

Complete secret tasks on elimination of mafia bosses, terrorists and other enemies threatening peaceful citizens. In this Android game you are going to play as a professional sniper serving the government. You will complete illegal missions in different corners of the planet and you have no right for mistake. Take a fire position and wait for the target to come. Block radio contact to break the coordination of the enemy actions. Catch the target to the sight of your rifle, hold your breath and pull the trigger. Take into consideration weather and force of wind.

Game features:

  • Exciting missions
  • Wide range of sniper rifles
  • Realistic physics
  • High quality effects

Download Size: 157 MB APK

Download Size: 144.6 MB Game Cache

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