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Friday, March 2, 2018

Kleptocats 2 [Android]

Kleptocats 2 

Download Kleptocats 2 Android free game. 

Get full version of Android apk app Kleptocats 2 for tablet and phone. 

Screenshots of the Kleptocats 2 for Android tablet, phone.

Have fun together with cute cats, who will live in your house. The cats will help you fill your house with weird objects from different corners of the galaxy. Cats, the heroes of this Android game, will fill your house with joy and different stuff. These cats have a dark side - they steal everything they see! You only can accept this and watch your house turning into a storage of useless but funny things. Send cats to search for things. You hardly can guess what exactly your cats will bring from another journey.

Game features:

  • Cute cats
  • Nice graphics and sound
  • Incredible collection
  • Simple system of controls
Download Size: 42.3 MB

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