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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Gems witch: Magical jewels [Android]

Gems witch: Magical jewels poster
Gems witch: Magical jewels screenshot 1
Gems witch: Magical jewels screenshot 2
Gems witch: Magical jewels screenshot 3

Help a young witch get into the magic academy. Match gems and make lines from three and more stones of the same kind. A young witch, whose name is Selina, the main heroine of this Android game, got an invitation from the magic academy. However sly Asio owl has stolen the letter. Now Selina starts a journey across the incredible land to bring back her invitation and master magic. Help Selina solve mysteries of magic, solve hard puzzles, match magic jewels, collect Taro cards, rescue rabbits and so on.

Game features:

  • Cute characters
  • Hundreds of interesting levels
  • Magic bonuses and boosters
  • Board of leaders

Download Size: 42.3 MB

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