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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Rebel racing [Android]

Rebel racing poster
Rebel racing screenshot 1
Rebel racing screenshot 2
Rebel racing screenshot 3
Rebel racing screenshot 4
Rebel racing screenshot 5

Get into a powerful sports car and rush along the winding roads of the Western coast of the USA. Win the race! Demonstrate your excellent driving skills on the highways of this Android game. Step on the gas, speed up your car to maximum, overcome turns in drift, outrun rivals and reach the finish first. Get rewards for victories. Buy cars of leading world manufacturers. Tune cars to your liking. Complete interesting missions and compete with the best street racers.

Game features:

  • Excellent graphics and sound
  • Beautfiul locations
  • Many cars
  • Various upgrades
  • Realistic physics

Download Size: 268.1 MB

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