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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dream Chronicles The Book of Air Collector's Edition

148 MB*Dive into the magic world with Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air game. Step into the shoes of Lyra, a child born to a fairy and a mortal. The adventure begins when Lyra gets in another dimension similar to her own. And only the Clockmaker can help the little fairy find her way home. Travel through the magic kingdom of dreams with the help of Lyra father’s flying device in search for the Clockmaker’s traces and help Lyra come back home!

*Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air is the first chapter in a new trilogy about the fairy’s adventures. The game mixes hidden object and puzzle genres and features a catching story with cute characters, 30 unique scenes and 14 eye-catching locations to explore.

*Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air game offers dozens of tricky puzzles to solve, loads of cleverly hidden objects to find and Casual and Challenging game modes to choose from. Download the game and enjoy polished graphics, nice audios and the charming atmosphere of the Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air!

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