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Monday, September 6, 2010

The Tarot 2 Pack

298 MB
2 great HOGs in 1

The Tarot's Misfortune:
Rosalie the fortune-teller has been put to sleep and tossed into a dangerous prison by a mysterious drifter in town! Search through the town to recover her stolen tarot card deck, while uncovering clues to help rescue the residents of Luzio. Follow the spirits of the tarot cards and use your Hidden Object skills to find slight differences in the tarot cards and uncover the mysteries of The Tarot’s Misfortune!

Game Features:
*Beautiful Hidden Object scenes
*Perplexing puzzles
*A fortune-telling adventure!

Strange Cases: The Tarot Card Mystery
FBI Agent Claire Ellery has a knack for getting assigned strange cases. The latest—a triple kidnapping in a small, unknown town. But what initially seems like an open and shut case soon unravels into something much more sinister. Follow the tarot cards left by an anonymous source and search mysterious hidden object scenes for clues to help Agent Ellery rescue the kidnapped girls and stop an evil ritual in this chilling puzzle adventure game.

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