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Sunday, August 7, 2011


Astroslugs [FINAL]| 134 mb

Join slimy soldiers in conquering their universe with Astroslugs, a hilarious and challenging brain teaser.

An army of Astroslugs is on their way to conquer the galaxy when they are forced to crash land. They are out of energy to jumpstart their space craft so they have turned to you, their fearless leader, to fix this problem and get them on their way to the stars.

Get these sinister, yet slightly incompetent, Astroslugs back on track to fulfill their devious plan. Collect energy for the ship by solving 44 levels of brain busting fun. To do so, you will have to fit all of the given shapes onto the board successfully. By flipping, mirroring, or rotating them with simple controls, it can prove a rewarding endeavor. If you fail however, you can click the Reset button and start again.

*Help the Astroslugs rule their galaxy in this addictive Puzzle adventure.
*Collect energy for their ship by solving 44 levels of brain busting challenges.
*Flip, mirror, or rotate the given shapes and place them to collect energy.
*Start anew with the Reset button if you fail to clear the level.
*Use simplified one-button controls to solve these daunting challenges.
*No installer, extract and play
*So much fun that wendy99 is repacking it into an installer right now!
Download Size: 134MB

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