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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Infernal Veil I

Infernal Veil I [FINAL] v1.6-DELiGHT |Genre: RPG | Released: January 21, 2011| 53.4 MB
The world of Redenda is in danger of a mysterious Shadow Army coming from seemingly nowhere ... the king of Redenda sends a cry for help to the surrounding countries. Few brave adventurers brave the might of the Shadow Army. However one brave woman from the distant land of Endraynal arrives in Redenda with a pure heart, and a courageous soul. Can she make the difference in the battle against these deadly fiends?

*A new and expansive battle system
*Original Soundtrack
*Immersive Story Telling, and Characters
* Classic RPG Feel/gameplay
*Skill system that allows further character customization
*Every treasure is random, leading to a unique experience every game play
*Easy to learn system and controls!
Download Size: 53MB

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