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Friday, September 9, 2011

Nat Geo Games Lost Chronicles:Salem

Nat Geo Games Lost Chronicles:Salem [FINAL WITH EXCLUSIVE BONUS CONTENT] + Guide| 204 mb
Reveal a wicked conspiracy in Nat Geo Games Lost Chronicles - Salem, a startling journey through the eyes of a young girl.

The year is 1692 and the town of Salem is embroiled in paranoia surrounding accusations of witchcraft. A young girl and her mother are making preparations to leave the chaos when a mob of townsmen strikes their home. The mother is taken prisoner, accused of witchcraft, but the young girl escapes. Now she must figure out a way to free her mother and leave this town overrun with fear.

Step into her shoes and escape the witch hunt. Explore the eerie grounds of Salem across highly detailed locations, searching for clues to set the mother free. Play various mini-games, such as word jumbles, puzzles, and more. Learn about the tragic events that unfolded, interact with actual participants, and access informative articles courtesy of National Geographic.

*Escape the witch hunt in this captivating Hidden Object thriller.
*Follow a young girl's quest to save her mother and self from the insidious paranoia.
*Play various mini-games such as word jumbles, puzzles, and more!
*Learn about the tragic events that unfolded in Salem courtesy of National Geographic.
*Enjoy exclusive Bonus Content including an additional chapter with new areas to explore, a Screensaver, Concept Art, Music and a special Sneak Peek.
Download Size: 204MB

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