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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Spring Up Harmony

Spring Up Harmony [FINAL] - 69.9 MB
Use your aiming skills to complete the 35 original levels of Spring Up Harmony. Shoot balls in a physics-based environment and catch the items falling out of the screen with your user-controlled bucket. Use the power-ups to deal with various gameplay elements such as fans, motors, switches and much more. Collect the fifteen rewards by performing outstanding shots and reaching milestones in the colorful world of Spring Up Harmony.
Compete against players all around the world with the online rankings available ingame and on the web. Watch your worldwide rank improve in real-time while you use the points multiplier to reach high scores!
Spring Up Harmony also allows you to play with your friends in exclusive multi-player levels.

* 35 levels
* 15 rewards
* 8 power-ups
* Online rankings
* Multiplayer game mode
Download Size: 69MB

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