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Monday, March 11, 2013


"Mad, Ugly, Dirty Television" takes gamers to control a TV station with a fairly simple goal: making money with specific audiences.
Success depends entirely on the market view of the player in relation to the audience as well as the skills of sabotage in relation to competing studios. Yes, creativity is not the only important aspect of this title.
You, as an executive at a television studio, must deal with a number of factors for success. Limited space in a commercial building are a good example of a challenge to be overcome, given that complicate the division of archives, studios, offices and other environments. Balance and common sense are essential to maintain your employees satisfied.
Good results require good research. Being attentive to financial resources is essential to add new features to the studio. Moreover, research is very important to sabotage opponents. The single player campaign - which has 10 stages - does not require a lot of sabotage, but the multiplayer mode ... It is important to remember that up to eight people can compete for different audiences with diversified programs.
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Just uncompress and play
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