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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Theater of The Absurd Collector's Editon

Scarlett Frost, specialist in the dark arts, has been summoned to a luxurious and remote theatre in the snowy Italian Alps. Could it be that the infamous and diabolical Hapsburg Cube has been found and purchased by the sinister theatre proprietor, Dr. Corvis? The cube is said to imprison a powerful and ancient Babylonian demon that would wreak hellish destruction if the cubes should break. In a moment of desperate confusion the cube breaks and the demon bursts forth into the souls of the Dr. Corvis and his young daughter Bethany. The ancient theatre in the lonely winter mountains becomes an arena of spiritual war, between the darkest forces of the underworld and the cunning mind of Scarlett Frost. But Scarlett soon finds out that the only way to fight a demon this powerful is to become possessed by one herself. Only then can she acquire a ticket to the Theatre of the Absurd.
Main Game Features:
→Vanquish evil spirits from the theatre
→Explore a beautiful and ancient theatre
→Collect artifacts needed to save a young girl
→Untangle unique puzzle environments
→Hours of mind-bending, next-generation hidden object adventure
→Use powerful spells against demons
→Integrated Strategy Guide
→Bonus Content

Download Size: 162 MB

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