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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fun & Bullets

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Fun & Bullets | 13 Mb

Experience a lack of action in your routine work? Fun&Bullets is an addictive arcade game with a hint of logic. As a cowboy in Wild West, you'll have to have to clear the range controlled by Indians, using a tennis-like ball while they are sleeping.

Your objective is to aim the ball carefully to cause a series of dynamic actions. After successfully launching the ball your monitor will be sparkling, banging and popping as walls, cattle-pens and other buildings are falling into pieces. Different creatures, like chickens, moles, ostriches and even zombies, that reside in the field provide additional entertainment as they comically react when they are hit by the ball.

The game play is simple ,yet addictive and challenging. The game field represents a square picture (which changes as one progresses through the levels) of an open range with Indians sleeping in the background. There are different constructions, such as cattle pens, fences, even castles, inhabited by various creatures. The player, armed with a ball and a plow for a racket, is positioned at the bottom of the screen. To start the game, you just click a mouse button to throw a ball in the selected direction. The ball will either hit a target or bounce it off. In the event that it bounces, the player must hit it back with a plow in a ping-pong manner, otherwise the player loses a life point. If an target is hit, it produces a bonus that the player must catch with the plow.

Fun&Bullets is perfect for those who would like to distract themselves from their routine in a most amusing and humorous way.

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Download Size: 13 MB

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