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Monday, April 22, 2013

Slender the Arrival

Slenderman The Arrival

Slenderman become very popular in 2012. They created a game for it, it was a great success the game was pretty scary. In the game you will need to find eight pages that scattered around the forest. Now it's 2013 and people wanted to make a remake of this game, Slender the Arrival is one of it's kind. Using a new engine which I don't know what. They make slenderman become scarier. But in this game it's not all about slenderman there's also a zombie that will chase you. I still didn't know the objective because I'm too scared to play this game. But for people who want to play it I'll give you the download link.

Warning : not for elderly people or someone that have heart attack


Slenderman The Arrival

Slenderman The Arrival

What do you think? pretty cool isn't it? if you think so don't waste your time and click on the download Link

Download Size: 709 MB

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