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Monday, July 14, 2014

Escape from Lost Island

Escape from Lost Island Free PC Game Screenshot
What began as an enjoyable cruise, quickly turned into a fight for survival. The ship hit a reef and quickly sank, leaving passengers to fend for themselves along the vast ocean. One passenger unfortunately, had more problems and was the last to get off the ship, leaving her far behind from the rest. Alone and without direction, she landed on an unchartered island full of mystery and danger. What followed was the most exciting adventure of her life.

Climb aboard the doomed cruise and re-live this thrilling experience through her eyes! Evacuate the sinking ship and make it to dry land. Use your knowledge and skills to find shelter, avert pirates, escape from natives, and signal for help. Find all of the tools you need by looking carefully, solve puzzles to escape perilous situations, and play mini-games to stay alive.

Download free full version of Escape from Lost Island today!

Free Game features:

- Survive a thrilling experience searching for Hidden Objects;

- Evacuate the sinking cruise ship and explore a mysterious island;

- Find shelter, avert pirates, and escape from natives;

- Solve puzzles and play mini-games to stay alive;

- Use your knowledge and skills to signal for help.

Download Size: 62 MB

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