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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Pirate Adventure

Pirate Adventure Free PC Game Screenshot
Pirates are everywhere! They are on TV, in the movies, and in games. Pirate stories will never end because they are about love: the love for adventures, the love for freedom, for gold, and for life itself.

In Pirateville, Jack the Sharpshooter is a handsome pirate, who, in his crying need for money gets an ancient casket from his old friend. After being instructed not to open it, he loses his patience he tries to satisfy his curiosity. After revealing the casket's secret he is sucked into an unbelievable adventure where magic, love, gold, weapons and a cursed Ghost's fate are woven together.

Free Game features:

- Pirateville is an eye-popping hidden object game with and unprecedented number of levels for the entire family;

- Great intriguing story;

- Gorgeous graphics;

- Wonderful music;

- Well-known game-play with new kinds of minigames.

Download Size: 25 MB

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