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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Dead spreading: Saving [Android]

Dead spreading: Saving poster
Dead spreading: Saving screenshot 1
Dead spreading: Saving screenshot 2
Dead spreading: Saving screenshot 3

Get through the hordes of walking dead who flooded the city streets after the global plague of a horrible virus. Try to survive and rescue the remains of the mankind during the zombie apocalypse in this Android game. Take the hero through different districts of the big city and kill zombies attacking the hero from all the sides. Move all the time so as the character is not entrapped. Rescue the survived who will join your squad and help in the battles against monsters. Upgrade weapons and items of outfit.

Game features:

  • Various locations
  • Many original characters
  • Wide range of weapons
  • High quality graphics and sound

Download Size: 158.2 MB

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